To do well at the ballot box, some GOP candidates have to overcome their party’s tarnished image

One of the least-noticed potential factors in this election year has been the Republican Party’s consistently unfavorable standing with the American public.

This doesn’t mean that individual GOP candidates won’t prevail at the ballot box. It’s just that some of them will have to do so on their own and not depend on the overall lustre of the Republican brand.

Tom Holbrook has more on this matter HERE:

One thing that may be benefiting Obama could have little to do with the standard indicators of national conditions and may have even less to do with either of the candidates or their campaigns. Simply put, I think a case can be made that the Republican brand name is acting as a drag on Mitt Romney’s candidacy. 


One way of assessing the relative value of party for each of the candidates is by looking at rates of party affiliation in the electorate…These data show that the Democrats have held an affiliation advantage throughout the 2012 campaign, one that has ebbed and flowed a little bit and now stands at approximately six percentage points.  Of course it is possible that slight differences in loyalty (Republicans have been more loyal than Democrats in SOME elections) and turnout might mitigate the the Democratic advantage in affiliation.  Still, I can’t imagine this difference has no effect on the current contest.

But party identification isn’t the whole story.  Instead, there appears to be a broader problem having to do with the general image of the Republican Party, especially when compared to the image of the Democratic Party [above]…

Just to be clear, I’m not arguing that the public is wild about the Democratic party; just that the Democratic Party is viewed much more positively (or less negatively, if you will) than the Republican Party.


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  1. I would REALLY like to hear in the future that this election causes the Republican Party to take a step back and realize that they need to modify their platform to be more like the Libertarian Party’s or Constitution Party’s platforms.
    Unfortunately, I only expect them to become more and more unlikeable.

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