By varying margins, nine separate polling analysts all have Obama winning in the Electoral College

The Denver Post is out with a COLLECTION of nine prospective electoral maps of the nation, each of them the work of polling analysts who expect that President Obama will win the race for electoral votes.

The projections in this collection range from 281 electoral votes for Obama to 332. He needs 270 to win the election.

The Post also notes this

The nine predictions…agree on a few swing states: Romney will win North Carolina; Obama will win Nevada, Ohio, Iowa and New Hampshire. They differ on Colorado, Virginia and Florida, however.

If it turns out that they’re all correct in predicting  Nevada, Ohio, Iowa and New Hampshire for Obama, Romney’s chances of eeking out a victory will range from slim to none.

The nine sources of these projections are Drew Linzer of Emory University, Josh Putnam of Davidson College, Sam Wang of Princeton University, Nate Silver of The New York Times, Scott Elliott, a conservative analyst for Election Projection, the political Web site Real Clear Politics, the liberal Web site Talking Points Memo, the team of Jay DeSart of Utah Valley University and Thomas Holbrook of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Andrew Tanenbaum of Vrije Universiteit of the Netherlands.



  1. Oh, yeah?!? Well, the “Running of the Roaches”, “Scoopy Doo”, and Gnocchi the election picking pet squirrel all think Romney is going to win.


    So there.

  2. Your posts continue to remind me of Pravda and Izvestia from the old Soviet Union. An endless regurgitation of one-sided opinion and propaganda packaged as news (e.g., “More Americans waking up to the reality of the failure of capitalism”). Actually, the Soviet papers were slightly more interesting than Applesauce, because they had radio and TV listings.

    Your “nine sources of projections” are essentially Laurel and Hardy plus the Seven Dwarfs of the polling world. Nate Silver and Sam Wang are going to wake up Wednesday morning with brutally damaged resumes. As for the other seven… well, a lot of people will continue to not know who they are.

    A lot of voters are chanting “Four More Days” to Obama… I don’t see how he can win. Next time why don’t you cite some real experts, like Michael Barone or Larry Sabato.

    But thanks for playing, better luck next time!

  3. Poor Dan! He’s becoming more and more delusional as Election Day approaches.

    Yesterday, he told us that “Romney is way ahead among people who have already voted,” which is untrue, as this headline on the Fox News Web site attests: “Democrats leading in number of early ballots cast.”

    Now, he’s telling us that all the polling analysts, even the conservative ones, are wrong.

    Oh, and he likens me to the writers for “Pravda and Izvestia from the old Soviet Union.”

    Dan’s not just a right-wing looney. He’s like a cartoonish caricature of one.

    But there’s also an almost tragic dimension to Dan’s political views. He has acknowledged here that he’s gay, yet he enthusiastically supports the party of raging homophobia.

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