I guess this will tip the balance: Montgomery Burns is endorsing Mitt Romney for president

What makes this satire especially delicious is that it’s a product of a mainstay program on Rupert Murdoch’s Fox network.

“The Simpsons” has a habit of mocking Murdoch’s empire, and there’s not much he can do about it.



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  1. God knows he needs something to help tip the balance. The folks at MSNBC tried their hardest but all they should be is embarrassed.


    But here’s one of several fascinating smaller findings of the study that are kind of stunning — even if they seem obvious and ho-hum to some of my more jaded, postmodern, aren’t-we-cleverly-ironic colleagues:

    ON MSNBC, the ratio of negative to positive stories on GOP candidate Mitt Romney was 71 to 3.

    That’s not a news channel. That’s a propaganda machine, and owner Comcast should probably change Phil Griffin’s title from president to high minister of information, or something equally befitting the work of a party propaganist hack in a totalitarian regime. You wonder how mainstream news organizations allow their reporters and corrdespondents to appear in such a cauldron of bias.

    I thought show host Sean Hannity of Fox News defined party propagandist. But while his channel was bad, it wasn’t as bad-boy biased as MSNBC.

    The ratio of negative to positive stories in Fox’s coverage of President Obama was 46 to 6.

    Check out the full Pew study here. It’s a good one, and there is much food for thought in its findings as we approach the end of an election cycle marked by poor media performance.

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