If Obama is re-elected, within a week the banks will be closed and there will be troops in the streets

You see, Veterans Day will fall on the Sunday after the election.



  1. Mike Rodcay

    You are using statistical facts to have an edge on your statement…”the banks will be closed and troops will be on the streets”. This is a factual statement- why try to use it against the President making your opinion seem strong about the President? Banks will be closed, because they are ALWAYS closed on Sundays. Troops will be on the streets MARCHING IN PARADES THAT THEY DESERVE TO BE IN! If it wasn’t for those troops, you might not have the freedoms you currently have. As a Soldier myself, having currently served 27 years of my life in the Army, we don’t take it kindly to ANYONE using us in ANY way to make their stand seem relevant. Find something else to use to make your senseless stand seem relevant. Make sure on November 6th, you voice your opinion by voting for whomever you feel will lead our GREAT Country in the best way. After that, keep your comments about us Soldiers lull unless you want to praise use for what we sacrifice on a daily basis!

  2. Mike Rodcay: Wake the hell up! It’s a joke! It’s a parody of the right-wing loonies who see Obama as a danger to America!

    You seem to be a very humorless guy.

  3. Damn Mike! I have nothing but respect and admiration for all of our military men and women but somehow knowing you are among them makes me feel a little less safe.

    Do they let you have a gun?

    Seriously though, is this the first time you have heard that joke or are you a little soft up top?

  4. Mike Rodcay

    Would you feel the same way if it said…. “if Romney is elected President, within a week banks will be closed and troops will be on the streets”?

    Get real Mr Cunningham – I stand behind what I said….stop using this to gain attention to yourself and/or your cause. There are many other ways to do this without using us or a Holiday to get the attention you desire.

    Good thing I don’t live in Rockford- you would have quite a problem on your hands!

  5. Oooh! Now the humorless Mike Rodcay is pretending to be a tough guy.

    But, as Mike says, it IS a good thing he doesn’t live in Rockford. We already have enough numbskulls around here.

    But Mike is accurate in suggesting that I wouldn’t aim the same Veterans Day joke at Romney. I wouldn’t do that because it wouldn’t be very funny.

    What makes the joke funny is that the set-up line — the warning, as it were — sounds so much like the fear-mongering among Obamaphobes.

    There are a couple of other things Mike needs to understand. It’s been easy for me to find out the city and state where he resides. Which means that I know where the authorities should look for him if he makes more explicit threats against me. Mike’s vaunted love of his country apparently doesn’t include the knowledge that there are federal laws against using the Internet to threaten people.

  6. Jeremy Cantrell

    Mike Rodcay,

    You shame your unit, country and service by making idle threats.
    Voice your opinion and move on.

    There are plethora of old and new soldiers here whom hold as much weight and opinion as you do.
    Do not EVER appoint yourself as spokesman for any of our countries warriors, especially while doing so you show a distinct lack of situational awareness.

    Keep your opinion as your own, where it belongs.


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