The Benghazi Bombshell, the GOP’s would-be October surprise, has turned into a pathetic dud

For weeks now, certain elements of the Republican Party’s right wing have labored mightily to create a political scandal where none really exists regarding the deadly attack in September on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

They’ve shouted from the rooftops that the Obama administration is engaged in a Benghazi coverup and that impeachment of the president (see image above) should be considered.

But the so-called scandal is imaginary, as I noted HERE the other day.

And now Roger Simon offers a SNARKY DISMISSAL of this entire scandal-mongering enterprise:

Obama should have been destroyed by now. That was the plan.

He was going to be “Swift Boated” in this election, just like John Kerry was in 2004.

It would be about Benghazi, where on Sept. 11 of this year, U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed. This would be the spear point that would fatally wound the Obama campaign.

It would be a classic smear: The Obama administration had delivered a “stand down” order to potential rescuers, and so the four Americans had died.

Why would any agency or anybody in the administration do such a thing? It didn’t matter. Wingnuts can always find motives. There are still people who say Bill Clinton murdered Vince Foster. Whole books have been written about that one.


But Benghazi has proven to be not dynamite, but a firecracker. The October surprise has not turned into a bombshell. Instead, it has bombed.

Romney might have made it an issue, but he blew two chances. In the second presidential debate, Romney delivered a muddled attack as to whether the administration had called the killings a terrorist act quickly enough…

It was a mistake and one he failed to correct in the final debate when moderator Bob Schieffer raised it in his very first question. But Romney muddled about again: “We see in — in — in Libya an attack apparently by — well, I think we know now by terrorists of some kind against — against our people there, four people dead. Our hearts and minds go to them.”

So Romney blew it. And the Obama administration responded yesterday with an extensive tick-tock of events stating that help was rushed to Benghazi and there was no stand-down order.

David Ignatius, the highly respected columnist and associate editor of the Washington Post, who had been vigorous in demanding more information about Benghazi, wrote online Thursday: “While there were multiple errors that led to the final tragedy, there’s no evidence that the White House or CIA leadership deliberately delayed or impeded rescue efforts.”



  1. Despite liberal attempts to dismiss it, this whole incident is a clear failure of the Obama administration and everyone knows it.

    -A known unstable, country in the Middle East

    -An approaching anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in US history

    -A known resurgent Al Qaeda in Libya

    -Repeated requests for increased security for our diplomats in Libya

    -Denial of requests and actual decrease in security just prior to the attack

    -An attack that was known to be organized paramilitary assault as it was happening

    -two weeks of denial by administration representatives trying to claim, for obvious political reasons, that the attack was a demonstration against an internet video that had gone awry.

    Undoubtedly a story of failure and denial.

  2. doc: Your obsession with this pseudo-scandal is becoming downright manic.

    And now you’re deluding yourself with such nonsense as “this whole incident is a clear failure of the Obama administration and everyone knows it.”

    Everyone knows it? No, doc. The only people who “know” it are fanatical Obamaphobes like you.

    Keep it up and you’re going to end up in a rubber room at the Hotel Silly.

  3. By the way, doc, where were you and your fellow wingnuts when these things happened under George W. Bush?:

    –2002: U.S. Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan, bombed, killing 12.

    –2004: U.S Embassy in Uzbekistan bombed, killing two and injuring nine.

    –2004: U.S. Consulate in Saudi Arabia attacked, killing eight.

    –2006: U.S. Embassy in Syria attacked, killing one.

    –2008: U.S. Embassy in Yeman bombed, killing 10.

  4. Craig Knauss

    Gee, doc, Half of your bullets can also describe the situation in war-torn Beirut in 1983 under Reagan. The Marine barracks was blown up by terrorists using car bombs killing 241 Americans. A short time later the new U.S. embassy was blown up with more casusalties. (Note: The Reagan Admin. was warned NOT to occupy the building because security was NOT in place. The warning was ignored.) Reagan’s response was to invade Grenada, which resulted in 19 more Marine deaths.

    And how many months did GWB ignore security briefings that al Qaida was planning some kind of attack, which ultimately lead to 9/11? Instead, Bush was concentrating on a war with Iraq (who did NOT attack us).

  5. The way Fox News covers Libya you would never know there was a storm out east. Desperate times calls for desperate reporting.

  6. Pat,

    I am hardly obsessed. You posted about it and I commented back.

    Are you disputing any of the facts of the event as I laid them out? Because if you are, I don’t see it. I see you and Craig raging about the past (as liberals are prone to doing) but I don’t see you talking about any of the specific points I mentioned. Those incidents you listed were failures as well and in the past.

    Obama’s failure happened less than 2 months ago, in the present. In a world in which he told us Al Qaeda is on the run. In a world where a premature Nobel Peace Prize winner has failed to keep the peace.

    As far as your other question in 2004 I lived in Rockford, in 2006 I moved to Milwaukee and in 2008 I was still in Milwaukee. So that’s were I was.

  7. The illogical and juvenile “what about when it happened under Bush” argument becomes exponentially more so when you consider that Bush and his Sec. of State and UN ambassador didn’t respond to those attacks- or the WTC event- by blaming them on a spontaneous protest over an anti-muslim video that got out of hand.

    You cannot spin away the fact that the president lied, Hillary Clinton lied, Joe Biden lied and others most likely have too or lie by omission to cover for the WH…these lies started before any investigation began, and even if the investigation completely exonerates the people in charge of security efforts leading up to the event and the response from the WH/NSC, it can never change the fact that the WH/NSC LIED about the attack and *at best* deliberately confused the official story to the American people regarding the terrorist aspect of the attack…people who need to know about the REALITY of the jihadist threat because THEY ARE NAMED TARGETS.

    that makes the POTUS , VPOTUS and SOS unfit for duty, period.

  8. Just as Pat falsely accuses folks of hoping disasters affect the outcome of this election, he also has no care or compassion for the ambassador or the the others that died at Benghazi.
    If anything reflects negatively on Obama it is a non-issue.

    Charles Woods and the American people deserve the truth.


  9. Looneytoonsindville

    In America, the mainstream media have been obfuscating the coverup of Benghazi. The President himself has stonewalled the few media attempts to obtain facts about the scenario. During the second presidential debate, the “independent” moderator, Candy Crowley, colluded with President Obama to lie to some 65 million Americans about his failure to identify the attack on the US Diplomatic Mission at Benghazi as a TERRORIST ATTACK. The failures and cover up just go on and on, the BS gets deeper and deeper. Today, we learn that 23 of the 30 Americans in Benghazi were CIA operatives. What does that tell you about why the US military didn’t respond to attempt a defense of the Americans present? Was General Carter Ham of Africom ordered not to mount a defense? Was Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette, the commander of the USS John C. Stennis strike group, removed from command for the same reason? There are MANY MANY questions but very few answers.

  10. Ted Biondo

    Pat, Benghazi was a pathetic dud because the liberal media and the national TV networks refused to cover it and hurt their president’s chances in the election. The media have spent more time in one week on the sex scandal, than they have in the eight weeks since the administration screwed up royally in Benghazi contributing to the death of four Americans, including our ambassador and even now refuses to discuss his role in the whole affair (pardon the pun).

  11. Brian Opsahl

    Real news escapes you Ted, What the media will not cover is some Fox news BS they have been trying so hard to find a cover up and are hoping that everyone else catches on. If and when the real media gets the FACTS the will be reported. It must have escaped you Ted, that Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor cut the SECURITY budget that was requested a year ago by Hillary.
    John Mcain was all over the news screeming about how he wasn’t getting any information about Benghazi….But a funny thing was that he was skipping the breifing about Benghzai that he chairs to complain in front of the cameras…when he was confronted about this he started swearing at the reporter. Wow ..really John !!

    Another thing Mcain said that was disturbing was that this was worst intellagence gathering case in history….4 people died in this incident…..3000 died on 911 really !!

  12. Luke Fredrickson

    It is a sad reality that one of our community’s elected leaders – Ted Biondo – is such a myopic Obamaphobe that he actually believes there is a conspiracy among all non-Fox media outlets to protect Obama. Facts mean nothing to this guy, which is VERY SCARY considering the power he has accumulated locally (despite warnings from the state AG).

    Why anyone in Winnebago County would trust Ted’s civic judgment is beyond me. He has misled us for far too long, especially regarding the finances of RPS205. We simply can’t trust a single thing this wingnut peddles. The day he takes down his political shingle can’t come soon enough.

  13. Brian Opsahl

    When you get your information from guys like Hannity,O’rielly and from Fox news the repect gets trown out the window, How can anyone count on one shred of truth from these guys who for over 2 weeks lied to anybody who would listen to them that Romney was winning and going to win this election…Come on Ted, I know your smarter than that !!

  14. Hey Brian,
    What about the integrity of Matthews – someone who loves a good ole fashion disaster to win an election, or O’Donell – who challenges a candidates son to a battle of fist a cuffs. Where’s the respect in that?
    What about the reporting of Benghazi prior to the election… Crickets!

  15. If the American people didn’t rise up in protest over the thousands of Americans killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, what makes anyone think that four Americans killed in Libya, another messed-up Middle Eastern country, are going to make people pay attention now? Note to the GOP: it’s still the economy, stupid, not some trumped-up “scandal” that’s getting no traction. Focus your energy appropriately.

    The Libyan issue is a not-starter with 99 percent of the American people, most of whom understand that the Middle East is a dangerous place and people are gonna die there, sad as it is.

  16. Monkey, The fact of the matter is that we are “in the dark” on what happend and the media makes no bones about it.

  17. Brian Opsahl

    Stop useing Fox as your news source and you will start seeing the truth….They don’t know what happened yet. as far as Matthews….If your refering to something he said in paticular you will have to fill me in ? otherwise i pay attension to most of the networks and only one of them chooses to lie to it’s viewers….that would be Fox on a constistance basis I see them lying about something almost every night..!! and the worst part is that i have to argue with those that have watched the night before and try and straighten out the BS they were fed from Fox…just sayin..!!

  18. Brian
    BS like saying a Youtube video ignited this?

  19. I am still befuddled that MSNBC hired Sharpton. Has anyone ever asked Maddow’s opinion about this…
    That’s integrity for you, huh?!?

  20. Brian Opsahl

    Danimal, I never told you this but i wont go to web sites from either side…sorry but there is to much BS on those so i just don’t go there. I watch all of them when i can but Fox will lie at will about anything negative Obama it is a Fact…they do alot of BSin msnbc doe’s slant their news but for the most part what they say is usully correct and factual. and yes i do check..

  21. Brian Opsahl

    So apparently John MCain and Fox is either wrong or flat out lying about Ms Rice and everything they have said about her was proven wrong at the hearing yesterday…again they are trying to make anything stick they can to the President.

    The only way to discribe this is …..what a bunch of SORE LOSERS

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