New projections from two polling analysts see Obama garnering 300-plus electoral votes

With only two days remaining before the presidential election, polling analysts Nate Silver of The New York Times and Sam Wang of the Princeton Election consortium both see a likelihood that Barack Obama will prevail in the Electoral College.

Silver’s LATEST PROJECTION, issued shortly after midnight, says there’s now an 85-percent likelihood that Obama will win. He forecasts that the president will receive 307 electoral votes, 37 more than needed for victory.

(Note: Silver’s projection numbers, which appear on the right side of his site, might have changed by the time you click on the link.)

Meanwhile, Sam Wang, whose numbers are updated four or five times a day, FORESEES at this writing that Obama will garner 319 electoral votes.

It’s important to note, of course, that Silver and Wang might both forecast a sudden narrowing of the presidential race by Election Day.  Or they might not. They both go where their aggregations of polls in the various states take them.  To them, the numbers are all that count.


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  1. I used to hate numbers…….but I love these!

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