Paul Ryan, long-time disciple of atheist philosopher Ayn Rand, says Obama is a threat to Judeo-Christian values

Paul Ryan, the candidate for vice president on the Republican ticket, is lending new meaning to the word “hypocrisy.”

Six months ago, I offered the following in response to a certain effort by Ryan to rewrite his past:

When I reported HERE last week that Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican budget guru, had suddenly disowned the crackpot philosopher Ayn Rand, I didn’t really do the matter justice.

I failed to fully capture the craven dishonesty of Ryan’s belated rejection of Rand’s gospel of selfishness.

 I failed to emphasize, for example, the blatant falseness of Ryan’s claim that it was only an “urban legend” that he has ever been a devoted disciple of Rand.

And I failed to note that Ryan’s mendacity in this whole matter decidedly precludes any possibility that Mitt Romney will choose him as a running mate or that he’ll ever be on any Republican presidential ticket. [NOTE: Obviously I was wrong about that.]

My treatment of the Ryan-Rand matter was trivial compared to the smackdown admininistered last night by Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC.

Check it out HERE.


And now this same Paul Ryan, this same disciple of an atheist philosopher,  is telling a group of Religious Rightists that President Obama poses a threat to the “Judeo-Christian, western-civilization values that made us such a great and exceptional nation.”

Read about it HERE.



  1. Ryan’s comments are about as absurd as the liberals like E.J. Dionne claiming the GOP wants to bring us back to the Gilded Age.

    The last couple of days are usually filled with such outlandish statements. Next 36 hours should be interesting to see who says what crazy stuff next.

  2. Boy wonder’s stupid comment is just another reason why they want him to maintain a low profile until after the election.

  3. L.Sanfod

    The nerve of this man to even mention Judeo-Christian values.
    Ryan wants to destroy American values that protect women, people of color,the poor and needy seniors and the incapacitated. He undermines the essence of this country and would impose his zealot driven religion on all. The man hates all the traditional “Christian” values of this democracy. Jesus cannot be very happy with this guy!Paul Ryan is the one who is”the other.”

  4. L.-

    Stop watching MSNBC.

    They have polluted your mind.

  5. sapphire sister

    I live in California. We practice here in California exactly what Obama is proposing for the whole United States. We tax very high, here are some examples on how it has affected California.
    Federal Business Tax; small business of under 100 employees are taxed on profits. Profits over $50,000 to $75,000 dollars are tax at 15%. Profits over $75,000 to $100.000 dollars are taxed at 34%. Our state of California also taxes business. These California business taxes very by city. For instance Sacramento business tax is 7.750% Los Angeles is 8.9%. San Francisco is 8.5%. Business are leaving California by the hundreds. Our unemployment rate is 10.2 %. But wait there’s s more. Mello Roos taxes, very from 1.9% to 1.25% sales tax is 7.25 % very difficult to open a business in California with all the red tape, and regulations. Environmentalists make it take years to open a Business. Did I mention that California unemployment is 10.2 %. Were I live in the San Joaquin Valley we are proud the jobless rate declined to 14.3 percent last month, down from a revised 15.1 percent in July 2012, much improved from the estimated 16.4 percent rate for August 2011. It was the lowest San Joaquin unemployment rate since May 2009, when it also stood at 14.3 percent. Soon the whole United States will be just like us. Sad to say.

  6. doc said: “Stop watching MSNBC.”

    OK. If you stop quoting the WSJ.

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