Surprise! Poll shows that most Americans are satisfied with how Obama and Romney have campaigned

There’s been a lot of buzz in recent days, especially in social media like Facebook, to the effect that people can hardly wait for this presidential campaign to end — mainly because it’s all been so nasty and negative.

But a NEW POLL from Gallup indicates that such sentiments are the exception:

Although only one candidate can win Tuesday’s presidential election, both major-party candidates may be gratified to know that majorities of Americans are satisfied with how each campaign has been conducted. Fifty-eight percent of Americans are satisfied with the conduct of Barack Obama’s campaign, and 54% are satisfied with the conduct of Mitt Romney’s.

Americans’ satisfaction with Obama’s 2012 campaign falls short of the 66% of Americans who praised his 2008 campaign. That is the highest level of public satisfaction with a presidential campaign for either party in Gallup trends since 2000. At 58%, Obama’s current campaign is more positively reviewed than John Kerry’s was in 2004 (at that time, 51% were satisfied), but similar to Al Gore’s in 2000 (61%).

Romney has improved markedly on John McCain’s subpar performance on this measure in 2008, when a record-low 40% were satisfied with how his campaign had been conducted. The 54% currently satisfied with Romney’s campaign is on par with the levels recorded for George W. Bush’s campaigns in 2004 (55%) and 2000 (58%).

To some extent, this question may reflect the candidates’ standing in the polls or, more broadly, public perceptions of who is winning.


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