Live blogging of election results tonight — timely numbers, early declarations and other fun stuff

That’s not me in the photo above, but it’s a reasonable portrayal of what I’ll be doing tonight as we provide rolling textual coverage of election results in a single post that’s updated at very brief intervals. 

We’ll stay up-to-date with all the important numbers, especially those in key states, and we’ll glean the best slants from the TV networks and the Internet.

Four years ago, we declared Barack Obama the winner even before the networks did. I expect that we’ll do just as well this year.

So, do what all the smart kids will be doing: Stay with this blog while you also follow the returns on TV. You’ll find that Applesauce is a refreshing and informative supplement to all the talking heads on the tube.

And we don’t have commerical interruptions here. The advertising on the borders of this blog never slows us down.

It all begins around sixish, if not sooner.


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