Just before the networks called the presidential race for Barack Obama shortly after 10 p.m.,  something went wrong with our Applesauce technical stuff, and my live blogging of election results was brought to a proverbial screeching halt.

Unfortunate timing, indeed. But now that I’m back in business, I can indulge here my mixed sense of both satisfaction at Obama’s victory and schadenfreude at the well-deserved disappointment of all the wingnuts who had viciously smeared the president over the past four years and had scoffed at any notion that he could get re-elected.

Tomorrow and in the following days, we’ll deal here with the broad array of issues arising from the results of this election, including the uncertain future of the Republican Party.



  1. Hard to tell what will happen with Republicans. Lots of blame will be placed on Romney. Lots of idiots will make claims we should have had a “true conservative” to compete.

    At least Republicans won the House. So no more left wing extremist bills. And rumors are that Pelosi is done, but that evil witch in Massachusetts is now in office, so she may take her place. The right wing extremists have now lost a winnable Senate for the second time in 4 years.

    Unfortunately, this will do nothing to stop the liberals who think the have a mandate to tax the rich at over 70%, and want free medical care and free education, all paid for by someone other than themselves.

    Note – In other interesting news, I think a couple of states have passed gay marriage laws which is good, and I think Colorado and Washington have also passed laws to legalize marijuana. (Note, I never cared for pot, despite my attempts to like it, I just think it makes you smell bad, and I’m still convinced smoking it as a whole does nothing for your health…but it still should remain an individual choice)

    Oh – one final thought. The most vile, evil, despicable creature that ever existed has now risen out of the Abyss and is now back in Congress. I’m speaking of course of none other than that notorious super-villan who calls himself Alan Grayson,

  2. Alan Grayson. the name just sounds like a super-villain name.


    I don’t think the future of the Republican party is uncertain at all. There are a host of up and coming leaders who will take the party in the direction it needs to go. Christie, Haley, Rubio, Ryan, Walker.

    It isn’t like the party got clobbered in the overall popular vote. Republicans need to make their case more effectively and they need young voices to do it.

    The good news for me, is here in Wisconsin, the Republicans gained back control of the Senate.

    Nationally, the Republicans retained control of the House. It will be interesting to see how the 2 party dynamic will work out. I suspect it will be ugly.

  3. My villan is Bill O’Reilly who had to go on a racial tirade to the very end at a time when we need to heal.

  4. RedRover

    Dronemeister-in-chief Barry “The Bloodthirsty” Obama will have another 4 years to incinerate innocent men, women and children in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen and god-only-knows where else. That sure is something to cheer about, isn’t it?

  5. Brian Opsahl

    Yes America has spoken, Its time to heal and fix our problems as a Country together…all of us together. Please !! let’s work for the good of all just as the President has said..!!

  6. Now if the republicans in the House are willing to make an honest effort to find real solutions to our financial problems (that don’t just cut essential services for those in need) we can achieve real progress.

    Although nothing really changed, the House, Senate and WH all stayed under the same control, something has got to give. When a strong majority realize that cuts alone won’t fix our problems the House members need to clue in to this fact. Instead Boehner doubles down on his promise to impede the President at every turn.

    Sadly, only 9 freshmen House republicans lost their relection bids. However, only 2 freshmen dems failed to keep their seats. I guess we’ll see what the next cycle brings.

  7. Brian Opsahl

    Times are changing thats for sure..,let’s hope that the republicans realize this and deciede to come with us instead of burying there head in the sand…America has spoken !!

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