Wanna contribute to my list of takeaways from the election?

I’m putting together a list of takeaways (tidbits of information, curious slants, surprising angles, amazing coincidences, whatever) from yesterday’s election.

An example: This was the 21st election in a row, over a period of 84 years, in which the Republicans failed to win the presidency without a Bush or a Nixon on the ticket.

If you have any suggestions in this regard, pass them along in the comments queue, and I’ll consider them for inclusion in my post, which will be published tomorrow. I won’t, however, give you credit for your contributions. Your only claim to fame will be the record of what you offered in your comments on this post.

Mind you, I’m interested in opinions as well as facts. Perhaps you have gleaned something from exit polls or have found a fascinating angle or oddity in one of the down-ticket races. If it has anything to do with yesterday’s election, I’ll consider it. But I won’t include it if doesn’t suit my fancy. Hey, it’s my blog!



  1. While the principles of the discourse between the two parties was apparent and clear…what was not so obvious was the shallow depth of that which made sense to the immature, new to our country, nanny-state addicted and devoted socialist mind-set. Their mantra is and remains…gimme-gimme-gimme.

    So, it jumped up and bit the Repubs…but not so much as you liberals may think. The total vote is a minuscule difference between Romney and Obummer and a message to the victoris …you barely won this round. Ain’t no mandate here…face it. And it won’t be so easy next time out. We intent to hold the main stream media accountable and force them to be truthful from now on. Why…’cause their are so many shirt-sleeve, shallow-thinking voters who only respond to the last thing they hear instead of the events of the previous four years. Next time out…the media will report, not support. Count on it.

  2. If Mitt won by the same margin it would have been called a landslide. Thankfully that didn’t happen and Rove and the Koch brothers lost millions on a lousy bet to buy the presidency. Dewey Defeats Truman shall live on!

  3. Craig Knauss

    The Karl Rove thing was hilarious. However, Rove was outdone by none other than “the Donald” Trump and his tweets. Trump hit such a low point that he made Rove look respectable and gracious. About the only thing Trump didn’t do was declare war on the U.S. The guy is truly a piece of _____.

  4. In the national popular vote Romney lost by about 2.5 million.

    3 million fewer Republicans voted for Romney than McCain.

    I have no idea what that means, I just find it to be interesting.

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