What? Gloat? Who? Me?


Before we liberals are told that we should reach out to our brethren on the political right in the interest of finding common ground, allow us, please, a moment or two to rub it in a little after yesterday’s election.

Some of us won’t quickly forget all the ugly invective aimed at President Obama over the past four years — all the crap about the foreign-born, terrorist-loving, anti-American, socialist, Muslim interloper in the White House. And now that a majority of voters have approved this man for a second term as president, the people on our side have every right to tell his nastiest detractors that it is they, not us, who are outside the American political mainstream.

So shove it, bigots!

Even those rightists who haven’t been as blatantly offensive as the fire-breathers deserve some blowback. Their claims that Obama has been woefully out of touch with folks in the American heartland have been refuted. Their claims that the polls predicting an Obama victory were either willfully fixed or incompetently miscalculated have been disproved. Their contention that this country’s political future will follow the socially conservative path they have mapped has been shown to be fallacious.

The one magnanimous thing we liberals can do for the Republicans among us is to warn them that their party faces a truly disastrous future if it doesn’t recognize that America is running out of angry white men. The GOP’s prevailing agenda is not suited to this country’s changing demographics. The party of xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny and plutocracy will have to change if it is to survive.




  1. Republican diversification took a big step back yesterday. Allen West’s seat technically isn’t decided, but he looks like he’s going to lose. Mia Love in Utah also failed to win. So Republicans only have 1 Black Rep, Tim Scott. Pat’s right. The party is doomed unless the party leaders do a better job of reaching out to non-white people.

    On the other hand, someone please explain to me why Jesse Jackson Jr, Charles Rangel, and Maxine Waters deserved to be re-elected. Each is corrupt to the core, but for some reason they get a pass regardless of their terrible record.

    On other House notes, Bachmann appears on the way out, along with local loons Walsh and Schilling, oh and Joe the Plumber lost his bid for Congress. None will be missed.

    I was also actually hoping IA Republican Rep Steve King (a true dingbat) would lose, but instead he defeated Christie Vilsack, wife of the current Sec. of Agriculture.

    Unfortunately, DNC chair Wasserman-Schultz won again, as did most of notable House heavyweight Democratic leaders like Waxman, Schakowsky, and of course Pelosi.

    Oh, and we have another Kennedy back in Massachusetts, Joseph P. Kennedy III. oh joy.

  2. “Their contention that this country’s political future will follow the socially conservative path they have mapped has been shown to be fallacious.”

    Really? Based on what exactly?

    The President has been re-elected and is left with a thin majority in the Senate and the House in the control of the Republicans.

    He was elected with an electoral college dominance and a thin majority of the popular vote.

    He is the only President, at least recently, to be returned to office by a smaller majority then when he was elected.

    The country (and even the world) faces fiscal calamity, no matter how big spending politicians wish it weren’t so. He needs to grow the economy, restructure the tax code AND cut the deficit/debt for us to have any chance as a nation and he will need the Republicans to help him do it.

    As I said in another post, I am not worried about the Republicans, I think there is a pretty deep bench of interesting talent for the future and they are the only pols I am hearing with actual plans to fix the fiscal crisis that don’t rely on class warfare and more spending.

    I wouldn’t spend too much time gloating though, your time might be better spent worrying about the future of the country.

    Good luck Mr. President.

  3. Neftali: Michele Bachmann barely survived, but it looks like Allen West won’t.

  4. RedRover

    Is “The party of xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny and plutocracy” really any worse than the party of indiscriminate mass murder under Dronemeister Barry “The Butcher” Obama?

    What’s the difference between Obama’s drone attacks and a lynch mob?

  5. AmazingScott

    Forget? Heck, I’m expecting four more years of the same…

  6. Craig Knauss

    ““Their contention that this country’s political future will follow the socially conservative path they have mapped has been shown to be fallacious.”

    Really? Based on what exactly?”

    Seriously, doc? Gay marriage has been approved by a number of states recently. My state passed it yesterday. Marijana is being legalized in a number of states. Also in my state. True immigration reform is necessary. Legalized abortion and contraception is necessary for those who want it. Gone are the days of “we need prayer in the schools”, “we need to ban abortion”, “we need to ban contraception”, “we need to ban divorce”, “women should stay in the home and not work”, “deport all illegals (right after they pick my crops)”, “God bless my guns”, etc.

    You are almost as blind as the RNC.

    BTW, doc, did you notice that some of the Tea Trash that was elected in 2010 has been thrown out? Their constituents got tired of the Tea Party’s brainless rants and obstructionism.

  7. Jeremy Cantrell

    What’s the difference between Obama’s drone attacks and a lynch mob?

    Maybe we should move to consider a Drone a person, like corporations….then they too can afford to lobby for themselves under the umbrella(but not working together) of huge Super PAC’s.
    If we load them with Bible’s before sending them out on attack runs, we can say they are working for God and get the support of the Tea Party.

    The difference between drone attacks and lynch mobs are drone attacks are carried out by an individual whom a majority of the U.S. and a majority of electorates showed confidence in. A drone operation takes a Team of trained military personnel operating together to carry out.
    A lynch mob is a group of vigilantes whom have no care for law, justice or who you voted for. A mob is a group of individuals.

    I spent time on the ground fighting, let the drones do it rather than my kids.

  8. Craig,

    I have to admit that I did not see the qualifier of “socially” in Pat’s original statement.

    I can certainly argue about social issues but when it comes to voting I hardly pay attention to them. Certainly others do, but the fiscal crisis we face is so great that none of the social issues are going to matter a hill of beans unless we fix the fiscal stuff first.

    Primary to this will be getting the economy back on track. Like it or not that will take the cooperation of the 1% and business owners all over the country.

  9. Before I begin, I would like to inform everyone that I am not in any way a Republican; though on this topic I agree with some of the Republican views.

    Unfortunate for our nation, we can expect nothing but the same as we have received over the last 4 years from Obama. That is to say: we will have increased indebtedness to China, no budget plan for the future in an effort to decrease our indebtedness, laws forced upon us which are not properly budgeted for addition more to our indebtedness, and more unfounded racial accusations brought forth from the White House. I voted against Obama because I do not believe that he has a clue what it takes to unify our nation, reduce unemployment, control illegal immigration, or reduce the national debt. I honestly believe that in these areas Obama not only has proven track record of failure, but is also making these problems worse. While a majority of voters (or should I say those who live in bigger cities and do not seem to have any idea what is best for the rest/majority land mass of the nation) have decided that Obama is the best president for America at this time, does not mean that the rest of us are bigots as you said in your article. With such absurd comments, I am surprised that you have not been called out as the self-absorbed socialist that you present yourself as in this article.

  10. AmazingScott

    See, this is what I’m saying- four more years of moronic people who don’t know what the word ‘socialist’ means. You say you aren’t a Republican (HA!) yet you mouth the Tealiban talking points almost word-for-word… Thanks for the chuckle!

  11. Jeremy Cantrell

    If your in no way a Republican but you are a spot on neo conservative. Let me take a wild guess, you identify as a Tea Party member and therefore claim no connection to the Republicans even though that very party organizes your rallies and contacts people on your behalf and nearly all of the politicians that carry your flag are members.
    Lady Mac,
    No matter where the majority hailed from, a Majority spoke, now have the decency to accept that you were bamboozled and half(7/8?) of everything you were told during the election was false spin from the failed attack angles of the infamous Republican Entertainment Complex. *insert carnival music here*

    Unify the nation= He unified it enough to be only the second Dem to win both popular and electoral vote by as much as he did, a majority of Americans unified to vote for him.
    Illegal Immigration= The net movement of Illegals is now negative, more are leaving than entering.
    National Debt= Offered plans, but congress refused….set up mechanism to ensure Debt improvement through automatic cuts.

    Who did you vote for in 2008?


  12. Tax the rich and feed the poor till there are no rich no more ! But then everyone will be poor ! Who will feed them after that ?

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