Some want GOP to double-down on right-wing rhetoric

Don’t get the idea, dear friends, that everyone in the Republican Party advocates adoption of a less strident political message in the wake of Tuesday’s election loss.

Oh, some do. But, alas, some don’t.

Ed Kilgore ASSESSES the situation:

A second notable characteristic of conservative reaction to Tuesday’s election results is the iron conviction that Republican pols from Mitt Romney on down did a poor job of articulating why and how the unvarnished conservative creed of small government, “free enterprise,” cultural traditionalism, and militant “Americanism” is good for the country and every one of its citizens. It wasn’t the ideology that’s out of synch with the country: it was the message crafted from that ideology, and the incompetence (or perhaps lack of authenticity) of the messengers.


Now it should be obvious that a “struggle for the soul of the Republican Party” that’s between people calling for the existing leaders of the GOP to get back in touch with their inner Ronnie and people calling for new leaders who never lost touch with their inner Ronnie isn’t really a debate over the party’s ideology at all. The still point in the turning world of Republican politics these days is this: conservatism is never to blame, and the answer to every question is “more.”



  1. No matter. The problems that this country faces will eventually, inevitably lead to conservative solutions to these problems. We will need to reform entitlements, decrease the size of government and work to reward rather than punish success.

    You can’t continue to solve problems by throwing government money at them. You cannot incent risk taking and entrepeneurship until you start to celebrate it rather than demonize it.

  2. If the Republican teabaggers are still shocked and dismayed over the election results perhaps it would help if they take a trip back to Primary Lane and look at the clown circus that unfolded before the American audience. Perry was their guy, then Cain, then Gingrich, then Paul, then Santorum and finally ringmaster Romney with Bachmann thrown in for comic relief. All they could do was come up with some baseless criticism of the current administration and to a person had no reasonable or sound solution for improving the economy and putting the middle class back to work.

  3. Yet it was still within 2 percentage points nationally.

    2016 should be very interesting on both sides of the aisle.

    I think the Republicans might be out of the “next guy in” types. That means it will likely be someone from my generation.

    And who will the Democrats run? I wouldn’t think it would be Biden or Hillary.

  4. Hillary will be 69 in 2016. Biden will be 74 a few weeks after the election. She might not be too old, but he would.

    Other possible Democratic hopefuls are Andrew Cuomo, Cory Booker and Rahm Emanuel.

    And then I’ve got a long-shot candidate: Chris Christie. He could quit the GOP, lose a ton of weight and run as a liberal on social issues and a moderate on economic issues. Let’s face it: After Hurricane Sandy and his lavish praise of Obama, he has no chance whatever of becoming a GOP contender.

  5. By the way, doc, I’m 11 days older than Biden. So, I won’t be running either. I’ll be lucky enough if I’m still around to vote.

  6. Rahm isn’t warm and fuzzy enough. Cory Booker is, but Mayor to President? Seems a long shot. Cuomo is an interesting choice.

    Why does Chris Christie need to lose weight? I actually think he does have a chance of being a Republican contender depending how things shake out in the next 2 years. He might be permanently tainted by the damage in New Jersey though. It does not sound like things are improving out east.

  7. Christie would have to lose some weight, for sure, but he’s my fav Repub.

    Deval Patrick is an interesting story.

    Martin O’Malley is head of the Dem Gov. Assoc., Governor of Maryland and former mayor of Baltimore. Smart, articulate, good looking. He’s an up and comer.

  8. doc: Christie has to lose weight because he’s a candidate for a coronary. A man of your profession should recognize that. He’s not just chubby. He’s almost morbidly obese.

    Besides, such excessive girth would become a distraction and make him an object of ridicule in a presidential campaign. The fat jokes would be flying all over the place.


    If Christie becomes president, he won’t sit around the White House. He’ll sit AROUND the White House.

    When he was in school, he sat next to everybody.

    His ass has its own congressman.

    He’s fully committed to the War on Hunger — nine times a day.

    He had to leave New Jersey for fear that it would tip into the ocean.

    He’s got more chins than a Hong Kong phonebook.

  9. By the way, doc, I have to hand it to you for hanging in here after Tuesday’s defeat.

    A few of your fellow Applesauce conservatives — most notably Dan F. and Wilson — have been conspicuously absent. These were the guys who scoffed at Nate Silver and said there was no way Obama would win.

    I probably should go easy on them if they do show up again, right? Well, we’ll deal with that if and when it happens. If they’re as snarky as ever, or make lame excuses for their side’s defeat, I’m prepared to respond in kind.

    I have to admit, blogging’s more fun when my side is winning.

  10. Pat said: “By the way, doc, I’m 11 days older than Biden.”

    Then that means today, Nov. 9th is your birthday. Happy 70th Birthday, Boss!

    I am 66 days younger than you.

  11. 70?


    That is a milestone worth celebrating. I hope there is a big party with lots of candles.

    Wait, do liberals burn candles at a birthday party? It might contribute to global warming, particularly if there are 70 of them! 🙂

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