Two Republicans busted for trying to vote twice say they were just testing the system

To me, THIS somehow smacks of a would-be robber claiming that he was just testing the security system at the bank to see if it was up to snuff:

Two Republicans in separate states were taken into police custody during the past week for allegedly attempting to test how easy it would be to commit voter fraud.

In Nevada, 56-year-old Roxanne Rubin, a Republican, was arrested on Nov. 2 for allegedly trying to vote twice, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. The newspaper quoted a report by an investigator with the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office that said Rubin “was unhappy with the process; specifically in that her identification was not checked.”


On Tuesday in New Mexico, a Republican poll watcher was taken into police custody after also apparently trying to test the system. According to the Las Cruces Sun-News, the man voted, then obtained a second provisional ballot and announced he was simply “testing the system to see if people could get away with voting twice.”

Hey, maybe these people really were trying to test the system in the interest of safeguarding against fraud.

But the lesson they’ve conveyed to less honorable people is to use that “just testing” excuse if they ever get caught trying to cheat some system or another.

“No, officer. I pulled the toy gun on the clerk at the liquor store just to see if he knew the proper procedure in dealing with a robber. Actually, he did quite well. Give him my contratulations, will you? And can I call my lawyer now?”



  1. Well, that should shut up the right wingnuts who believe that our elcetion process lacks integrity.

    I would say that these arrests, particularly of the woman in Nevada, proves that the system works.

  2. Jody Bowen

    While in Philadelphia, republican voters can’t even get to the polls without black panther intimidation. Guess this should be no surprise seeming how the same thing happened in 2008. City of brotherly love eh?

  3. Jody Bowen: Get a grip!

    At ONE Philly polling station, ONE member of the Black Panther Party, a guy who also happens to be a Democratic ward committeeman, handed out sample ballots and held the door for elderly voters — and you racist right-wingers go ballistic.

    You tell us here that “republican voters can’t even get to the polls without black panther intimidation.” Where’s all this intimidation, Jody? Where’s the evidence that it’s affecting all the Republican voters in Philly?

    You’re the same bigot who implied here the other day that blacks always vote for black candidates. I proved you wrong on that point. But here you are again, spreading your hatred.

    You don’t live anywhere near Philly, do you, Jody? You’re just passing along crap you get from other people like you.

    Nice try, but it won’t work here.

    If you want the real story from someone who actually lives and works in Philly, read this:


  4. Jody Bowen: You’re just like the extremists at Fox News.

    They, too, got their undies in a bunch over one black guy serving as a poll watcher.

    Ooh, scary! Call the Marines! Call the Klan! Somebody help us!

    Read this:


  5. Jody Bowen

    Over 25 precints reported GOP inspectors forced out of polling locations in Philadelphia on top of the baret wearing idiot out front of the polling location. You put a Klan member out front of polls in Biloxi, Mississippi and the Sharpton/Jackson tag team will be there faster than Hurricane Katrina. I didn’t even bother to read your links my man. You actually send me a link to a blog? Wow, that is a realiable source. I could post some really cool links to support my view just as well. You would only counter that with more links and on we go.

    You are right father time, it won’t work here. This is a losing battle on here. Kind of like Elisabeth Hasselbeck getting kicked around on “The View”. Just a bunch of liberal hags cackeling in the hen house. She is a wounded grasshopper in the ant pile. Judging by the numerous replies to your blogs, it doesn’t look like any one is listening to your babble anyways. Peace out brother.

    Oh, by the way, what did you prove to me on the other reply? That you can turn my words into saying something I didn’t say. It is pretty easy to do. You simply replace a few words to imply the person is saying something they didn’t. Many bloggers are masterful at it.

  6. Jody Bowen: Nice try, but you still haven’t produced a shred of evidence — none, zip, zero — supporting your contention that “republican voters can’t even get to the polls without black panther intimidation” in Philadelphia.

    It didn’t happen, bigot lady!

  7. I’m glad to see that the voters in Florida stuck it out waiting in long lines to cast their ballot. Let’s hope they do the same when Gov No Regrets is up for re-election.

  8. This is deliciously ironic.


    Riders who have an unlimited pass on Madison Metro buses will now have to show identification.

    University of Wisconsin students and employees have unlimited ride passes. There are concerns the bus passes are being used fraudulently. So, beginning Monday, an employment or school photo ID will be required.

  9. doc: I take it that you think you’ve found another rationalization for Republican voter-suppression schemes aimed at dealing with the virtually non-existent problem of voter fraud.

    Study after study has shown that voter fraud is as rare as hen’s teeth, yet your Republican buddies persist in using it as an excuse for efforts that actually are intended to keep the wrong people — namely minorities — from voting.

    The great irony in all of this is that such efforts backfired in some states. In Florida and Ohio and elsewhere, lots of people targeted by the GOP schemes demonstrated an irrepressible determination to vote against the party that sought to keep them away.

    Ari Berman of The Nation put it this way:

    Since the 2010 election, Republicans passed new voting restrictions in more than a dozen states aimed at reducing the turnout of Barack Obama’s “coalition of the ascendant”—young voters, African-Americans and Hispanics.

    “This is not rocket science,” Bill Clinton said last year. “They are trying to make the 2012 electorate look more like the 2010 electorate than the 2008 electorate.” By pushing voter suppression laws, Republicans wanted the 2012 electorate to be older, whiter and more conservative than the young and diverse 2008 electorate.

    But the GOP’s suppression strategy failed. Ten major restrictive voting laws were blocked in court and turnout among young, black and Hispanic voters increased as a share of the electorate relative to 2008.

    Take a look at Ohio, where Ohio Republicans limited early voting hours as a way to decrease the African-American vote, which made up a majority of early voters in cities like Cleveland and Dayton. Early voting did fall relative to 2008 as a result of Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted’s cutbacks in early voting days and hours, but the overall share of the black electorate increased from 11 percent in 2008 to 15 percent in 2012. More than anything else, that explains why Barack Obama once again carried the state.

    I spent the weekend before the election in black churches in Cleveland, and there’s no doubt in my mind that the GOP’s push to curtail the rights of black voters made them even more motivated to cast a ballot. “When they went after big mama’s voting rights, they made all of us mad,” said Reverend Tony Minor, Ohio coordinator of the African American Ministers Leadership Council. According to CBS News: “More African-Americans voted in Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida than in 2008.”

    The same thing happened with the Latino vote, which increased as a share of the electorate (from 9 percent in 2008 to 10 percent in 2012) and broke even stronger for Obama than in 2008 (from 67-31 in 2008 to 71-27 in 2012, according to CNN exit polling). The share of the Latino vote increased in swing states like Nevada (up 4 percent), Florida (up 3 percent) and Colorado (up 1 percent). Increased turnout and increased support for Obama among Latinos exceeded the margin of victory for the president in these three swing states.

  10. Brian Opsahl

    Right now Pat, every repulican i talk to is on the edge of the cliff, beleiving that because there liar lost that the end is now near….but if there liar had won we would be reading words like Mandates,we told ya so’s,repeal,and my favorite Takers.
    The RED States take more Federal dollars than do the Blue States put in….that would make the Red States a bunch of TAKERS wouldn’t it !!

    This whole Anti-American anything Obama is sick people that clearly hate Americans not like themselves. They wont except the fact that we as a Nation chose a differant path that they offered. Our economy has been improving ever since Mr Obama took over,Osama bin Ladin is dead,auto jobs are booming,the market has doubled,and the rest of the World respects us again…..whats not like about that…Jody

  11. Gov. Rick Scott of Florida will probably be ousted in 2014. He spent $80 million of his own money to get elected. One could see then, that he was a poor candidate. But the Republicans here, just went ahead and voted for the party. Right after he was elected his true self became evident, and his popularity fell to 25%. He made his vast fortune ($800 million) with HCA, which is the same company that is associated with Bain Capital, and was fined for Medicare fraud.

    The way he went about voter suppression was to cut back on voting hours, and only had minimum places to vote during early voting. Hence the long lines. A Democratic legislator sponsored a bill to expand voting places but the Republicans shelved that bill, and Rick Scott would not expand them either. His self appointed Secretary of State (who was a beer distributor lobbyist) agreed. One can only wonder what he is trying to achieve with the slow count. I think he is hoping they can disqualify some of the absentee, and provisional ballots.

    Since the election Florida has been ridiculed everywhere, and Rick Scott has received thousands of e-mails promising to vote him out in 2014.

    The Supreme Court is also starting to review the voting rights act of 1965. They may require that any changes be submitted through them from now on. But Rick Scott has turned his nose up to the Supreme Court before, so we shall see how that turns out.

    On a side note, I believe that Governor Crist will be back and run as a Democrat in 2014 and beat Rick Scott handily, if these old people ever wake up. The state is however, turning blue, so changes are coming.

  12. chris532008

    but who were they voting for? that is the important question

  13. Brian Opsahl

    People get sick and tired of seeing this kind of tactics, making the poor stand in line might make them beleive they can steal an election and on Fox they made fun of these people standing in the hot sun for over 7,8,9 hours or more just so they can vote and have their say. Republicans better start standing up to the fat old white guys running things or they will continue loseing elections …whitch i’m fine with frankly.

  14. Brian,

    You would be wrong in your assessment of every Republican being on the edge of a cliff…. unless you mean the fiscal cliff that we ALL stand on the edge of.

    It was an election. Yes, elections have consequences and I believe there will be severe consequences, but life goes on.

    I feel sad for anyone who believes that their future happiness is that closely linked to which person or party is in charge.

    We all make our own happiness, every single day. If you are waiting around for someone else to make you happy it will likely be a long sad life.

  15. Pat,

    I am not rationalizing anything.

    I just think it is hilarious that the lefties in Madison are histrionic over requiring a photo ID to vote, yet they now want to require said ID to ride the bus.

    Obviously they are trying to discriminate against those who cannot afford an ID or can’t figure out how to get one, the very people most likely to need the bus for their very survival.

  16. Brian Opsahl

    Sorry to group you in with those that hate Americans, it’s a broad stroke when many in your party are predicting our demise….don’t you think we democrats felt the same way as we watched Bush dam near destroy our economy with his bad polocies and war at all cost attitude while cutting taxes for his rich friends…so we no how you feel but can see that we are on the right path NOT the wrong that you see…

  17. mokyfellow

    “Get out and vote !
    Get out and vote !
    It will raise a lump of glory in your throat !
    And if you want to be real nice,
    you should go out and vote twice !
    Raise a lump of glory in your throat,
    Get out and vote !”

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