How the best- and worst-educated states voted last week


Incidentally, the data in the chart above were compiled by Fox News.



  1. Luke Fredrickson

    I’ve never really understood why Indiana is so loyal to the Republic Party (or as I refer to it, “The Party of Lincoln’s Assassin”). Plenty of universities, but not plenty of graduates.

    Must be all the Klan roots there…


  2. Brian Opsahl

    So how long do we have to carry these stupid Red Sates, because as everyone knows us Blue States pay more than we get back from the Federal Government in taxes so that makes those Red States a bunch of Takers, Cause it’s a none fact that Red States pay in less than they get back….FACT..!! if they want succession from the Union who will pay there welfare there getting from us Blue States….just sayin..

  3. Luke Fredrickson, Before you go pointing the fingers of racism to a party. Know your history.

  4. Luke Fredrickson

    Oh, I do Danimal. All too well. In the past, Democrats have certainly been the more racist party, but not in my lifetime. I do know that today’s Republic Party appeals to the least enlightened among us.

  5. @Brian : Yikes! Going on about how the Red Sates [sic] are stupid? “us pay more”? “none fact”? “succession from the Union”? “there welfare”? “there getting”?

    Anyways, let’s say that the Red States secede from the Blue States. Money flow will still be from Blue States to Red States, just in the form of imports of the products, instead of subsidies for the products. Blue States may be even worse off!

  6. kevind1986

    I just LOVE when guys like you step into this issue. I hate beating libs up with how non-educated they are, but I’m happy to point out the lie whenever you hang this issue out there.

    This story line is so patently false that it needs to be called out as the outright, cowardly lie that it is. The media has been running the story line for years that the better educated you are, the more likely you are to vote liberal.

    Exit polling from CNN and MSNBC (of all places) illustrates that that story line is a lie.

    MSNBC and CNN Exit Polling – from their websites – THIS WEEK

    No High School 64% D 35% R
    High School Graduate 51% D 48% R
    Some College 49% D 48% R
    College Graduate 47% D 51% R
    Post Graduate 55% D 42% R

    (The Post Graduate number is always demonstrably wrong in these polls. 18% of those surveyed CLAIM to have “post-graduate” degrees but less than 10% of the population actually does. So at least half of those that claim post graduate degrees don’t even know what it is – and thus probably fall into the lower two categories of education – and thus their voting percentage dovetails perfectly).

    Beyond that error, the numbers are stark and INDISPUTABLE. Step by step, the more educated the voter, the more likely they will vote conservative – regardless of what the media feeds to the low-information audience. How telling is it that those without a high school diploma vote 2-1 for the liberal candidate? Most (certainly not all) of them don’t have the skill set to verify the lies that are being fed to them.

    Will your lesser educated followers have the courage to check out the exit polls for themselves? Doubt it – this kind of data is more than they can swallow.

    Just to be clear – this isn’t an opinion. We all have real and valid opinions. The chart above is simple and undeniable fact – from media sources that ain’t exactly right of center. Sleep well.

  7. Luke Fredrickson

    Kevin, you got a link for those numbers? Love to read it myself…

  8. Brian Opsahl

    Yes everything he said is on FOX on a nitely basis, and it’s a none fact that the viewers that watch Fox have a much lower I.Q.s than those that do NOT !!
    It’s also a Fact that the Red States spend more Federal Tax dollars than they pay in…FACT !! according to Fox and Romney that makes them a bunch of Moochers, Takers
    from us Blue States…who pay in more than we get back…FACT !!

  9. Luke – Indiana is one of the few states that is doing everything correct, thanks to Republican leadership. Outgoing Gov Mitch Daniels took the states massive deficits and turned them into surpluses thanks to common sense conservative principles. He reformed union laws, cut government spending, and outsourced non-essential government functions to the private sector.

    Mitch was always my first choice for Republican Presidential nominee, but the far right freaked out when he called for a “truce” on social issues like gay rights, abortions, etc, in order to concentrate on the fiscal issues that are ruining our country. Unfortunately, the evangelical backlash scared him from ever running, and we all suffered from it.

    Unfortunately, Indiana did nominate far right loon Mourdock instead of moderate incumbent Lugar, so they lost a easily winnable Senate seat.

  10. Brian Opsahl

    Do you see a pattern here, Zebras don’t suddenly change their stripes ….do they ?

  11. Luke Fredrickson

    Nef, I must agree that your party needs more leaders like Daniels, Bayh and Lugar and fewer Mourdocks. Do your best to convince your wingnut brethren to stop cannibalizing moderates and demonizing those who compromise.

  12. Nothing to see here. It doesn’t surprise me since most education comes from Universities with a decidedly liberal bent. It follows the more exposure you have to that environment, the more you will acclimate.

    In my years, I’ve known many College grads that couldn’t tie their shoes without help.

    The fact that someone is educated doesn’t mean they’re smart, by any stretch of the imagination.

  13. Brian Opsahl

    I work with many engineers who have came from the very best Schools in our Nation and he’s right some are brillant some have trouble counting with there shoes of…true

  14. Since libs/progressives take one little snippet of info and claim proof, I’m gonna do the same thing…I say that this article proves that our “education” system isn’t really education, it is brainwashing, therefore the more “educated” among us will vote how they are told to by the media and the droning of liberal/progressive advertisements. Those who are less “educated” are more likely to think for themselves.

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