Unnamed FBI agent is weirdest character in Petraeus scandal

In terms of delicious tentacles, L’Affaire Petraeus has a lot going for it.

Let’s see:

The scandal involves two generals, one of them retired from the Army and one likely soon-to-be retired from the Marines. And there are two women, one of them of the highly jealous variety. And there are turf conflicts between the FBI and the CIA. And then, of course, there are the inevitable conspiracy theories — most of them Benghazi-related — emanating from the right wing of the Republican Party.

Ooh! Hollywood is going to have fun telling this story, isn’t it? But who will play the part of a certain FBI agent who figures prominently in this whole mess? I’m referring to the guy who passed along a complaint by one Jill Kelley about nasty emails she was getting from one Paula Broadwell, both of whom were well-acquainted, to one extent or another, with then-CIA Director David Petraeus.

An ACCOUNT OF THE SCANDAL in The New York Times includes this passage:

Ms. Kelley, a volunteer with wounded veterans and military families, brought her complaint to a rank-and-file agent she knew from a previous encounter with the F.B.I. office, the official also said. That agent, who had previously pursued a friendship with Ms. Kelley and had earlier sent her shirtless photographs of himself, was “just a conduit” for the complaint, he said. He had no training in cybercrime, was not part of the cyber squad handling the case and was never assigned to the investigation.

But the agent, who was not identified, continued to “nose around” about the case, and eventually his superiors “told him to stay the hell away from it, and he was not invited to briefings,” the official said. The Wall Street Journal first reported on Monday night that the agent had been barred from the case.

Later, the agent became convinced — incorrectly, the official said — that the case had stalled. Because of his “worldview,” as the official put it, he suspected a politically motivated cover-up to protect President Obama. The agent alerted Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, who called the F.B.I. director, Robert S. Mueller III, on Oct. 31 to tell him of the agent’s concerns.



  1. Never thought I would read about a love pentagon.

  2. The fbi uses improper relationships to ruin people or to blackmail them, including presidents, congress and military chiefs. In this respect the fbi is a direct and continuing threat tio the country that they (fbi/cia)corrupt.

    The United States Of America Is Unworthy To Defend and is a global criminal & murderous enterprise bent on world inhumane domination.


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  3. That’s a good one Steverino.

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