Tea Party diehards in Wisconsin want federal officials who implement Obamacare arrested

I can’t decide if THIS is sad or funny:

Even though House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has acknowledged that Obamacare is the “law of the land,” nine state lawmakers in Wisconsin are hoping to ensure that President Obama’s health reform law won’t ever be implemented in their state. The group of Tea Party-affiliated Republicans is backing a bill that would arrest any federal officials who attempt to implement Obamacare in Wisconsin.

The state officials responded to a survey from the right-wing advocacy group Campaign for Liberty to confirm they would support “legislation to nullify ObamaCare and authorize state and local law enforcement to arrest federal officials attempting to implement the unconstitutional health care scheme known as ObamaCare.” As the Journal Sentinel reports, the nine lawmakers who say they would back such a bill remain unconvinced of the health law’s constitutionality.



  1. Luke Fredrickson

    “…remain unconvinced of the health law’s constitutionality.”

    Yeah, these bozos believe Limbaugh and Drudge supercede the Supreme Court.

    “… authorize state and local law enforcement to arrest federal officials attempting to implement the unconstitutional health care scheme known as ObamaCare.”

    So, in their world, the next time John Roberts visits Oshkosh he’s going straight to the pokey! ?

  2. Jeremy Cantrell

    I wanted to say something snarky here…..

    But the laughter got in the way.

    Whom, in their world decides constitutionality?
    Surely Luke above is mistaken, I thought Limbaugh and Drudge were merely harbingers of gods Wrath on liberals.

  3. Brian Opsahl

    One more reason to hate the Cheese heads, Illinois biggest State Park…!! W i s c o n s i n Walker,Ryan,Thompson,Johnson, did you know the movie Dumb/Dumber was modeled after these 4 guys….yea it was on Fox so it must be true…thats it !!

  4. Thank God your State Park is fiscally responsible.

    At least we will be open for business long after Illinois crumbles in fiscal chaos.

    Besides. The Bears still suck.

  5. At some point Wisconsin needs to bring back the old “state hospital” system specifically for their tea party brethren who are divorced from reality and unable to function in normal society.

  6. Luke Fredrickson

    Bears = squirrel

  7. Signing the bill should be considered an act of aggression against the US.

    Take ’em to Gitmo.

    Same thing for the teatards who sign petitions advocating secession from the US. Go to ‘petitions.whitehouse.gov’ and check that out.

  8. The Bears play like squirrels. Actually, come to think of it, Jay Cutler kind of looks like an irritated squirrel.


    In Wisconsin, we are so used to seeing absolute idiocy from the left that a few crazies on the right aren’t going to hurt anything at all. The balance is still far tilted toward left wing lunacy, particularly in Dane county.

  9. doc talks about “left wing lunacy,” and yet he actively supported Ron “Sunspots” Johnson, a Tea Party kook, for the U.S. Senate.

    Pretty funny.

    One wonders if doc also thinks Janesville is a nest of lefties.

    You see, doc has had nothing to say about this:


  10. Brian Opsahl

    Apparently Paul Ryan and all those home town republicans didnt vote for him or Romney, Packers belong in the land of cheese where they wear a triangle shaped hat the same color as my pee….lol

  11. If your pee is that color you need to drink more fluids.

    And not beer.

  12. I don’t think Janesville is a nest of lefties, it’s Rock County not Dane County.

    However, in Dane County the lefties are unhinged. Read the following ( offensive ) link about one of the leading talk radio idiots in Madison to see just how scary crazy.


  13. Brian Opsahl

    I dont drink any beer ….it was a joke..!!
    Romney did lose Mass, Ryan didn’t do well in Wisconsin …loseing by over 200,000 votes why is it so hard for you guys to get over this…..Obama won
    332 electoral votes to 206 thats quite a bit and more than 3 million more votes than Romney…

  14. Brian,

    Believe me when I tell you, I am over it.

    Life goes on.

    I don’t rely on the result of a political election for my happiness. I hope that none of the things that I have predicted come true. I wish all of the success in the world to the President and our country. I just happen to think that the way forward that he has planned is not the best way forward and will not likely work.

    The people are divided. The federal government is divided. We need an actual unifying leader. I would be surprised if Mr. Obama changed his stripes in mid-stream to allow for such leadership.

    But we will see.

  15. doc says “[w]e need an actual unifying leader,” yet he voted for Romney, who slandered 47 percent of the American people by saying they don’t “take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” That 47 percent included millions of elderly people, military veterans and hard-working Americans.

    doc also has staunchly backed the political party in which numerous adherents have slandered the president of the United States by questioning his patriotism, his religion and even his constitutional qualifications for the high office to which he was duly elected.

    doc also has indiscriminately characterized union members exercising their legal rights as “thugs,” has characterized the shouting down of politicians by angry mobs as merely the exercise of free speech, and has said that anyone who disagrees with him on that latter point must have been schooled in Moscow.

    But now doc says we need a “unifying leader” and doubts that President Obama can fill that bill.

  16. Oh, I should also mention that doc generally has been supportive of the Republican politicans in Congress who have vowed to oppose any effort by Obama to improve the economy or ease unemployment.

  17. Can you actually call it slander when the comment was secretly videotaped at a private event? I doubt it.

  18. Your comments about me are cute and all, but I am neither the President nor a politician of any type.

    I was not elected to lead the nation.

    The President was though. Let’s see if he can get the job done.

    Here’s a hint. It may require actual compromise.

    It will require actual spending cuts and reform of entitlement programs.

  19. By the way, the so-called scandal regarding Benghazi is only making your right-wing friends in Congress look like partisan demagogues — especially John McCain. He was too busy yesterday shooting his mouth off in front of TV cameras to attend a closed-door classified briefing on Benghazi for the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, of which he is a member.

    McCain says U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice is “not very bright.” This is the same guy who thought Sarah Palin was bright enough to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

    What a pathetic old fool he is!

    The Benghazi “scandal” isn’t going to amount to anything more than the Fast and Furious “scandal” did. Remember that one? The extremists were sure that one would bring Obama down. Didn’t work, did it?

    The people in your party are idiots.

  20. My party? Which one is that? If you mean the Republican party, that would be a party that I haven’t given a dime too in at least 7 years.

    As Thomas Friedman points out, Benghazi and Fast and Furious are the least of Mr. Obama’s problems.

    We’ve got big trouble in the Middle East and how he deals with it may be the true stamp on his presidency. Maybe we should forgive a sexual daliance and ask Mr. Petraeus to stay on the job.


    The scandal engulfing two of our top military and intelligence officers could not be coming at a worse time: the Middle East has never been more unstable and closer to multiple, interconnected explosions. Virtually every American president since Dwight Eisenhower has had a Middle Eastern country that brought him grief. For Ike, it was Lebanon’s civil war and Israel’s Sinai invasion. For Lyndon Johnson, it was the 1967 Six-Day War. For Nixon, it was the 1973 war. For Carter, it was the Iranian Revolution. For Ronald Reagan, it was Lebanon. For George H.W. Bush, it was Iraq. For Bill Clinton, it was Al Qaeda and Afghanistan. For George W. Bush, it was Iraq and Afghanistan. For Barack Obama’s first term, it was Iran and Afghanistan, again. And for Obama’s second term, I fear that it could be the full nightmare — all of them at once. The whole Middle East erupts in one giant sound and light show of civil wars, states collapsing and refugee dislocations, as the keystone of the entire region — Syria — gets pulled asunder and the disorder spills across the neighborhood.

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