Breaking news: We have a new candidate for the title of looniest Republican in America!

Step aside, Michele Bachmann! Hold on, Louis Gohmert! Not so fast, Todd Aiken! 

Yes, you’re all pretty wacky, even by right-wing Republican standards. But a new front-runner in the race for the title of gooniest GOPer has emerged. He’s Charlie Webster (above), chairman of the Maine Republican Party.

Chucklehead Charlie’s latest bid for unrivaled political weirdness started with his claim that “dozens and dozens of black people” showed up to vote last week in rural towns in Maine where there are no black residents.

“Everybody has a right to vote, but nobody in (these) towns knows anyone who’s black,” said Charlie. “How did that happen? I don’t know. We’re going to find out.”

But, alas, Charlie never did find out. And when a pesky reporter pressed him for proof of his claim about these mysterious black voters, he changed his story — in several respects.

The “dozens and dozens” of mysterious voters suddenly became “hundreds,” and they suddenly were no longer black folks.

“I’m not politically correct and maybe I shouldn’t have said these voters were black, but anyone who suggests I have a bias toward any race or group, frankly, that’s sleazy,” sniffed Charlie.

But there’s still no evidence of big groups of mysterious people — regardless of race — showing up to vote at polling places in rural Maine.

Well, not surprisingly, among the Republicans in that state who can walk upright there has arisen a call for Charlie Webster to give up his chairmanship.

The story is HERE.





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  1. This man’s not appropriate for public appearances let alone speaking without a script. The state GOP would do well to put him in some back room without windows where he could put stamps on party mail or something more fitting his mental capabilities and productive for the party. Wake up GOP! One factor in the party’s failure this November despite having an election that was theirs to lose was the toleration of nutters like this man. Independent voters can smell the rabid madness on some of the people the GOP puts in leadership positions. Independent voters are repulsed and run from it immediately, every time.

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