The most re-tweeted photo in the history of social media

The STORY that goes with the photo above is about how the Obama campaign outgunned its rivals in the use of social media:

[T]he dissemination of that iconic image is only the tip of a far larger iceberg that sank Mitt Romney. Yes, demographics helped Obama beat him. But so did the changing landscape of media consumption. The very groups — young women, Hispanics, African Americans, Asian-Americans — that made the difference are among the fastest adopters of social and mobile media.

The Obama campaign understood and rode this convergence of demographics and media, even as Karl Rove spent $300 million on television advertising that helped garner nearly two-thirds of white males only to find himself, to his everlasting surprise, on the losing side of the national election.

Republicans may lament that this is not their father’s country but more to the point this is not their father’s marketing either. Irreversible change in the country’s demography collided with irresistible change in the consumption of media. While older white males get their information from television the people who made the difference are on Twitter, Tumblr and smart phones generally. They may even be making decisions about politics differently than their predecessors and there will only be more of them entering the market and the electorate.


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  1. Brian Opsahl

    Those two have more class than any Presidents in History….I would have said Mr Romney went out with class until I seen what he has been saying latley….nothing but poor,lame ecueses how its all those poor folks who got free stuffs fault…really cause i thought it was because he was a cronic liar who hid his taxes, and hated the rest of us…?

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