Has Fox News become an albatross for the Republican Party?

As I’ve noted here on several previous occasions, Democratic candidates have carried the popular vote in four of the five presidential elections since the launch of Fox News Channel, which raises questions about FNC’s value (or lack thereof) to the Republican brand.

Lincoln Mitchell of the Harriman Institute at Columbia University offers THIS PERSPECTIVE on the matter:

This has been a difficult election season for Fox News. Among the most enduring media images of the last few days of the election are Karl Rove late on election night angrily denying that Ohio, and thus the presidency, had gone to President Obama, and Dick Morris only a few days before the election confidently predicting a Romney landslide. Morris later tried to explain away his mistake after the election by claiming he had done it to create enthusiasm among Republican voters. The incidents involving Rove and Morris, both of whom work as both commentators on Fox and political consultants to conservative clients, are obviously embarrassing for Fox, but also raise the question of whether the network has outlived its value, even to the Republican Party.

Because Fox generally reports news based on partisan talking points and ideological certainty rather than focusing on pesky things like facts, information and events, it has, in the past, been effective in encouraging misperceptions about President Obama’s background, nurturing the growth and development of the Tea Party movement and covering economic policy by referring to any spending by the government as socialism. These things have helped mobilize and misinform the right wing base of the Republican Party. Similarly, during the Bush administration, Fox helped increase support for the Gulf War by repeating White House positions on weapons of mass destruction, almost without question.

Over the last several years, this has been very helpful to the Republican Party, but during 2012, particularly in recent months, this has begun to change. Fox has now become a problem for the Republican Party because it keeps a far right base mobilized and angry making it hard for the party to move to the center, or increase its appeal as it must do to remain electorally competitive.


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  1. Brian Opsahl

    Yes,Pat..as you know probably now how I feel about Fox…the lying network of news idiots that lie every single day they breath air..!! and worse yet they have braindead followers who can’t seem to think for themselves…

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