Imagine, if you will, the confusion and frustration of your typical Obamaphobe these days

In my mind’s eye, I sometimes get a picture of the average pathological hater of Barack Obama:

 He’s a white guy, middle-aged or older, not especially well-educated, a devoted and gullible consumer of right-wing media (Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, the Drudge Report, et al), a self-styled patriot, and perhaps a sucker for every conspiracy theory that comes down the pike.

To be sure, this guy is not to be confused with your more respectable opponents of Obama’s political philosophy or style of governance. No, I’m talking about a fire-breathing hater, whether or not he’s also a racist.

I imagine him at this date, four weeks after Obama’s election to a second term as president, seething with resentment, utterly unable to understand what’s happened to the America he claims to love. He keeps asking himself how a man as despicable as the former Barry Soetro could be elected even once, let alone twice.

Over and over again, he mulls the facts, as he sees them, in his mind:

Obama was not born in America, is a Muslim who only pretends to be a Christian, got a free ride to fancy schools only because of his race, was (and perhaps still is) a dope addict, silently assented to the anti-American statements of his so-called pastor for 20 years, launched his political career in the home of a bomb-throwing radical, is an avowed Marxist, pals around with Louis Farrakhan, sympathizes with Islamic terrorists, hates Israel, runs around the world apologizing for America, bows to dictators, doles out taxpayers’ money to shiftless layabouts, foisted socialized medicine on an unwilling nation, schemes to take away our guns, plots to put his critics in concentration camps, emulates Hitler and Stalin, hates the U.S. Constitution and, in countless other ways, represents evil.

[If I left anything out of the foregoing litany, there’s a lot more such stuff in THIS MOTHER LODE of anti-Obama extremism.]

This typical Obamaphobe now faces the unhappy prospect of four more years of the Great Satan in the White House, and he doesn’t know what to do about it. He had thought that the big Tea Party uprising of a few years ago would bring an end to Obama’s reign, but it hasn’t worked out that way. He thinks there are plenty of good reasons for impeaching the man, but he doubts that congressional Republicans are up to the task. He sympathizes with the New Secessionists, but he figures theirs is a lost cause. He’d like to see an actual revolution, but he doesn’t expect that to happen either. How are you going to mount a revolution against a regime that just got re-elected despite all the glaring evidence of its treason?

My mind’s eye doesn’t provide a picture of where this guy is likely to go from here, but I figure he’s got three basic choices: 1) He can come to the realization, if only belatedly, that frustration is part of the American political process, and you have to learn to live with it; 2) He can rethink his Obamaphobia and decide that much of it has been unfair and unfounded; or 3) He can sink even deeper into the muck and mire of right-wing extremism.

If he goes for that third option, heaven help him (and perhaps us, too).





  1. Pat, maybe if YOU…stop slobbering all over yourself, you may actually find that the vast majority of us simply don’t like the man because he’s a BAD MANAGER. Period. AND, sadly enough…..we will never see any pressure on him to deliver as long as he has an army of valet’s such as yourself running interference for him with all of this nonsense. Are there extremists…OF COURSE…Liberal and conservative. THEY ARE NOT THE MAINSTREAM FOR EITHER SIDE. YOU….Are a great representation of the EXTREMIST for your group. Sniveling, name calling, insults etc……
    OBAMA IS and no doubt WILL CONTINUE TO BE…..a bad President(CEO). Nothing personal….just business

  2. Ed: I’ve warned you before about shouting (using all capitalized letters for certain words, phrases or whole sentences). If you can’t follow that simple rule, your right-wing blather will be banished from this blog.

    By the way, I’m amused at your arrogant assumption that you speak for “the vast majority” of Obamaphobes.

    You speak only for yourself — and not very eloquently, I might add.

  3. Nice try Pat. He’s a bad manager. Throwing sticks and stones at me won’t change that. Now that I’m done LMAO…I guess you must think I’m ready to get out the camo, fire up the pickup and go burn a cross or two. I do this a few times a year…..For a guy who does it full time, you don’t seem to have much of a grasp on eloquence either. You really are some piece of work.

  4. Poor Ed!

    He’s apparently still quite upset about last month’s election, especially since he actually believed the B.S. Romney was peddling — including the ridiculous claim that Obama has apologized for America.

    Every fact-checker extant has refuted that myth, but that doesn’t matter to a pathological Obamaphobe like Ed.

  5. Brian Opsahl

    @ ED, If you say Mr. Obama is a bad CEO as you do…how would you compare him to say…..GW Bush..? the guy that left Mr. Obama the mess he is currently cleaning up…hmm…because im guessing that you voted NOT once but twice for that mess..and if you voted for the guy that let 3000 Americans die on his watch…all while a memo sat on his desk that warned of attacts from airplanes…and by the way did i mention how Mr. Obama got that same guy for your BUSH..!!

  6. Jeremy Cantrell

    I find it amazing that conservatives still throw the word “Majority” around after Obama won with one of the largest majorities we’ve seen for some time.

    Your Majority, ED..is indeed a small minority as proven by the election. The fact that your driven by your emotions rather than anything else gives your group largesse.

    While you were ranting, raving…sniveling….raging the real majority was out voting for Obama.

    Wake up…..wake up….

  7. Brian Opsahl –

    Number of US casualties in Afghanistan in 8 years under Bush: 630
    Number of US casualties in Afghanistan in 4 years under Obama: 1532

    Why did you vote for the guy that let over twice as many Americans die in Afghanistan die on his watch?

  8. Brian Opsahl

    He got Osama bin Ladin…thats why…that 1 jerk cost us not just the 3000 Americans lives he changed everything about flying and how we feel about terrorism….Remember !!

    So you can count for Bush but cannot count against him..?
    2 wars
    2 tax cuts ..while at war
    3000 American lives
    5.3 trillion added to the deficit
    millions of homes lost
    Katrina…brownies doing a heck of a job !!
    Mission Accompleshed
    Stock Market Crash….from over 14,000 down to what..6300
    can you count those neftali..Sir..!!

  9. Mr. Cunningham –

    What about the gullible consumers of left-wing media (Keith Olbermann, MSNBC, The Daily Kos)? And as for being a sucker conspiracies, I’d bet my hard-earned, responsibly spent paycheck that you’ve bought the man-made climate change nonsense hook, line and sinker without even glancing at the mountains of evidence on the opposite side of the argument.

    As I see it, there are three types of Obama voters: 1) The ignorant who can’t pry themselves away from American Idol long enough to educate themselves on the candidates so they obediently follow the promptings of half-wit celebs like Brad Pitt; 2) The legions of folks who have been taught by the liberal public education system and slick democratic politicians that they are owed a living and that anyone who has money is somehow evil; and 3) Those who genuinely hate America, and figure Obama’s ineptitude and poor leadership is their best bet at making it fail.

    Those who throw stones, Mr. Cunningham, those who throw stones…

  10. Brian,
    Even though I agree with you about Bush and the whole Patriot Act scheme, don’t forget who signed NDAA and NDRP.
    Also, you can’t say that Bush made him send more troops.
    Higher deficit, higher living expenses and unemployment stagnation.
    Guess this is progress, right?

  11. Opssahl. Since you are from Byron. Let me visit just 1 of your ramblings. Katrina. Byron Fire Department sent 2 firefighters along with 800 others from Illinois. My Job (for 16 days) was to drive a Battalion Chief to Every Fire Station and Rescue staging area within a 50 mile radius of New Orleans. His job was to see that every company had what they needed. On day 1, the first thing the Chief did was meet (along with others-including FEMA rep) with the Louisiana State Fire Marshall to find out what the “Log Jam” was. Here is the EXACT quote from the Louisiana State Fire Marshall. I was there in the room. “Boys…Down here we have the State of Louisiana and the State of New Orleans…and we don’t like each other. In other words…nothing was getting done because the mayor and the governor were fighting…so….everybody down there….was in a hol;ding pattern. Bush and Cheney were booth there. Guy’s from OGLE county got there picture taken with Bush at Holy Cross College where we were staged. FEMA…..was there with checkbook in hand. It is very hard to have an Organized disaster. Kind of mutually exclusive. I have friends in the Fire service that went to NY for Sandy. Situatation was pretty much the same from their perspective…..

  12. Chris: You say there are “mountains of evidence on the opposite side of the argument” regarding man-made global warming.

    Where did you hear that? Rush Limbaugh? Fox News?

    The truth is that more than 95 percent of scientists working in the disciplines contributing to studies of our climate accept that climate change is almost certainly being caused by human activities.

    Moreover, there are no national or major scientific institutions anywhere in the world that dispute the theory of anthropogenic climate change. Not one.

  13. shawnnews

    The mountains of evidence against climate change will wash up with Noah’s Ark on the coast of Atlantis.

  14. Craig Knauss


    Why did you vote twice for the guy that got us into Afghanistan and Iraq in the first place? There was no reason to invade Iraq. And if Bush had been paying attention to his national security briefings, there might not have been a 9/11 and we would never have gotten into Afghanistan either. BTW, why did it take GWB a month to respond to 9/11? Think about that sometime.

  15. Craig Knauss


    I see a lot of BS and nothing to back any of it up with. Most morons that watch reality TV are rightwingers. And we ‘libs” know how to vote. We don’t rely on Pat Robertson, Donald Trump, Bishop Jenkey, and other jackasses to tell us who to vote for. I’m one of those with a public education and I’m a lot smarter than you’ll ever be. And why did all those “America-hating” libs serve in the military while all your “patriotic” rightwing cowards dodge the draft? People like Limbaugh, O’Reilly, the Koch brothers, Bush, Cheney, Hannity, Robertson, Buchannan, Romney, etc.?

  16. Brian Opsahl

    Good point Craig, Not one of them went near a Military base…did they

    @Ed …My Brother a Policemen from Dekalb was also sent to Katrina with the Illinios State Police detachment. The storys he told of Americans being shot in the street…some just looking for water, sure is differant from yours. Bush did a horrible job of handeling that dissaster…as everybody but you is aware of that…Brownie’s doing a heck of a job..he put a guy incharge of FEMA that absolutly NO experance at that job..as was apparent.

    Now here is the differance from what a smart President doe’s….when BP had the oil dissaster Mr. Obama forsed BP to put 20 billion dollars in a trust for the locals to draw from to help them get by…(pretty smart huh)
    Then when the President appointed a FEMA director….he got the guy that has dealt with multipul Hurricans from Florida…and he happens to be a republican….again pretty smart

  17. Craig Knauss – Its now public knowledge that US intelligence were more confident about about Iraq still possessing WMDs than they were of Osama Bin Laden hiding out in Abbottabad. All of our allies in the United Nations backed the attack, as did most of the Democrats in Congress. We had every reason. But go ahead and play Captain Hindsight if that’s what makes you feel better about yourself.

    Why did it take GWB a month to respond to 9/11? The real answer is easily explainable, but you appear to implying some kind of truther nonsense here. Honestly, I thought you were smarter than such ludicrous conspiracy theories. I think we all would be much more entertained about what you think the “real” answer is.

  18. I also find it tragic how people like Brian Opsahl are so quick to blame everything on the Katrina disaster on the federal government. The truth here is that Democratic Louisiana governor Blanco and Democratic New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin also share considerable responsibility. For example, Nagin delayed his emergency evacuation order until 19 hours before landfall, which led to hundreds of deaths of people who (by that time) could not find any way out of the city.

    But go ahead Opsahl. Blame it on the people who issued all the warnings up front, and who came in after all the damage had already been done. Idiot.

  19. Opsahl. Who shot the Americans? The Police? The 82nd Airborne was in charge of all operations inside new orleans proper from sundown to sunrise. No Police, Fire etc…were allowed inside the city limits. Now, if you are saying one American shot another American over a bottle of water, I can’t dispute that. One thing however is perfectly clear, Your Brother was in New Orleans, I was in New Orleans. You not. You have no idea of what really went on there. P.S – Thanks for the Brownie Insult. Tells me what kind of guy you really are.

  20. Mr Opsahl. Something else. I just came back from Vacation in New Orleans. Seems everybody there is worried that the money set aside for Louisiana…… Is going to Florida Instead. Not sure how factual it is. It was on all of the local news shows down there though. Apparently they thought it was factual enough to report it though….

  21. Brian Opsahl

    Just to correct the village idiots…Ed,Neftali….Thanks for the Brownie insult…? So GW Bushs comment insults you..? because it is HIS comment NOT mine…I only repeated what HE said…Right.!! or are you really that stupid to NOT understand that…? Ed, My Brother spent 2 months down there helping out the State Police he seen some bad stuff including un armed civilians getting shot for being out after curfew…(it was in the news) by New Orleans PD… His storys NOT mine I wasn’t there, as I said…..can you guys actully read or what….
    Yes guys it was Obama who hired the Hurricane expert from Florida a (republican)…Right !!
    George W Bush hired somebody with NO…let me say that again so you understand it THIS time…NO FEMA experiance at all…None,nota,nevet…

  22. Bush and Cheney were persona non grata at the GOP convention for many reasons most of all for the debacle in Iraq and NO.

  23. Craig Knauss

    “Its now public knowledge that US intelligence were more confident about about Iraq still possessing WMDs than they were of Osama Bin Laden hiding out in Abbottabad. All of our allies in the United Nations backed the attack, as did most of the Democrats in Congress. We had every reason. ”

    That’s BS, Nef. Our “knowledge” of WMD in Iraq was contrived. Inspectors, who had been in Iraq for years prior hadn’t found anything, but we still insisted Hussein had WMD. And our allies went along because they believed what WE told them. So, Nef, please tell us why, 10 years later, we still haven’t found any WMD in Iraq. None. Nada.

    “Why did it take GWB a month to respond to 9/11? The real answer is easily explainable, but you appear to implying some kind of truther nonsense here. Honestly, I thought you were smarter than such ludicrous conspiracy theories. I think we all would be much more entertained about what you think the “real” answer is.”

    More, BS, Nef. Please tell us the “easily explainable reason” for our delayed response. The truth is when 9/11 occurred, GWB knew, probably within minutes, who did it, and from where. The truth is we were attacked on our own soil by an outside enemy. The truth is it was an Act of War. Therefore, we had carte blanche to respond to the attack. But we didn’t for 27 days. By the time we responded, the Taliban and al Qaida had all retreated to the hills and we’ve spend the next 11 years looking for them. If bin Laden had attacked Tel Aviv, do you really think the Israelis would waste 27 days preparing a response? Do you?

    Seriously, Nef, I had hoped you were a lot smarter than that.

  24. Brad Fregger

    I don’t quite fit the model the author is talking about because I am opposed to Obama because of his political philosophy. However, I do want to own up to some of the issues that he brings up. Here are those issues:

    Fancy schools only because of his race: I have no doubt the affirmative action played a major role in his being able to attend the schools he did. I addition, we don’t know if he actually earned his place because he will not release his grades, which, of course, fuels this rumor.

    Was (and perhaps still is) a dope addict: There is no doubt that he was involved in using illegal substances, he brags about it in his books.

    Silently assented to the anti-American statements of his so-called pastor for 20 years: Again, there is no doubt that he spent 20 years in that church, was married there, and his children were baptized there. Therefore, he must have heard his pastor preaching and there is no proof that he complained about the message at any time. In addition, comments from his pastor tend to support this.

    Launched his political career in the home of a bomb-throwing radical: Again, this is a matter of the record. To suggest that this is part of conspiracy is crazy.

    Pals around with Louis Farrakhan: Again, this has been reported by very reliable sources.
    Sympathizes with Islamic terrorists: His administration seems to be making excuses for terrorists, the most recent example of the Libya disaster.

    Hates Israel: Seems to be true from his behavior. He says the opposite, but action speak louder than words. I know for a fact that Israel doesn’t trust him for good reasons.

    Runs around the world apologizing for America: No doubt, anyone that hasn’t seen this is just not paying attention.

    Bows to dictators: Maybe not always dictators. I think this is an exaggeration. It is a matter of photographic record that he has bowed to the leaders of other countries, which to most of those countries is like a dog showing it’s belly.

    Foisted socialized medicine on an unwilling nation: There is no doubt that if this had been put to a vote that it would have failed. In addition, I doubt if it would have passed Congress if our representatives had known what was in the bill. Remember, “We have to pass it in order to know what’s in it.

    Schemes to take away our guns: There is no doubt that the Obama administration would like to do away with the Second Amendment; in fact, much the same could be said for the vast majority of progressives.

    Hates the U.S. Constitution: Again, this is a matter of record, he as much said this in a radio interview. Also, his behavior, the way he has run America, many times actually ignoring the Constitution. Again, very recently, he said that he wanted to control the ability to spend more than the budget allows. Anyone who knows the constitution knows that only the congress had the power to spend.

    Finally, the suggestion that conservatives would be violent is plainly ignorant. How quick we forget the progressive threats if Romney would win. The fact that conservatives are more violent is a myth that only the stupid believe. A look at the difference between Tea Party meetings and Occupy Wall Street show this graphically. Face the facts, instead of believing progressive lies.

  25. Mr Opsahl. All I can say is you have alot of growing up to do…… Clearly….Mom and Dad didn’t teach you any manners and very little respect. People will tend to take you alot more seriously if you converse like an adult. Have a nice day.

  26. Jeremy Cantrell


    Let’s get back to the political mudslinging…the personal stuff just doesn’t float my boat.

    Well, actually neither do “fact check challenged” conservatives, But I’ll only attack their stance and sickness of policy….not them as a person.

    Were better than that, well, unless one of you holds the last name of Beck, Hannity or Coulter. If so..attack away.

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