What was the Worst Political Prediction of 2012?

PunditTracker has narrowed its list of nominees for the award of  Worst Political Prediction of 2012 to three finalists:

(1) Conservative Pundits: Romney will win the election in a landslide;

(2) Chris Matthews: Michele Bachmann will win the GOP nomination;

(3) Dick Morris: Obama might pull out of the election.

Check it out HERE — and offer your own nominations in the Applesauce comments queue.



  1. Rove’s statement that there were votes to be counted from some forlorn county that would give Romney Ohio.

  2. Brian Opsahl

    This is an easy one Pat, anything that……
    peggy,bob ham,denny,neftali,expdoc,board9,ted,nuss,juice,john2505….and all the rest of our tin hat wearing,Fox news watching,Rush Lintball listening,web site writing,election losing republicans, predicted nothing that came close to being true…NOTHING..!!

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