You’re going to either love this video or hate it

Actor Ed Asner narrates an animated fairy tale about rich folks, ordinary folks, politicians and taxes.






  1. Ed’s got spunk!

  2. Amazing that liberals believe this propaganda.

    – We’re showing this video of rich people pissing on other people to school children. great. But this kind of civility is expecting from the California teachers union who created this video.

    – If you look at our historical trends, our national literacy rates have gone up consistently over the past 50 years. The video implies education has gotten worse.

    – Liberals are complete buffoons if they think merely increasing taxes on the rich a few percentage points will solve today’s problems. Will tax increases help? Of course. But the biggest problem by far isn’t the small number of rich folks, its all the benefit and pension programs given to the 99%. You can tax the rich at 100% and it won’t solve the problems.

    – As stated previously, this video originates from the union thugs in California. Yet California has the most progressive tax code in the country. They even have an extra 10.3% surcharge on millionaires. Plus they have a state sales tax of 8.13% Yet all this revenue coming in is no where near enough to pay for all the state entitlement programs as the state is almost as broke as Illinois. You would think liberals would learn from all this, but apparently not.

  3. Perhaps the teapublicans can come up with a similar video to explain their budget arithmetic.

  4. Steverino – Republicans don’t need a video, we use balance sheets and accounting ledgers. Liberals need cartoons like this video to help them understand math.

  5. I certainly don’t question that teapublicans have balance sheets and ledgers. The problem is they don’t add up starting with Ryan’s ideological budget to make the wealthy wealthier while everyone else eats crow.

  6. At least Ryan’s plan actually reduces the deficit and eventually brings us to a surplus, that’s more than can be said of any plan offered by the Democrats.

  7. Pure fantasy Nef. That’s one reason Ryan wasn’t elected veep because his numbers didn’t add especially when you consider all the variables that would occur by 2050. And BTW the deficit increased under GW because like Ryan he thought reducing taxes especially for the top percenters would increase revenue. Guess what? It didn’t.

  8. Paul Ryan is political toast. His budget plan to end Medicare as we know it doomed the Republican ticket in Florida, and he couldn’t even carry his home town of Janesville either as a candidate for vice president or for re-election to Congress.

    His lack of integrity was made evident by his weasely, dishonest disavowal of his Ayn Rand discipleship. And his prospects for future leadership in the Republican Party are a pipe dream — unless, however, the GOP has learned nothing from the demographic handwriting on the wall that was only partly evidenced in the recent election.

    If, by some chance, the 2016 presidential election comes down to a race between Ryan and Hillary Clinton, the GOP will be lucky to carry a dozen or so Southern and Mountain states.

    Paul Ryan has had his day on the national political stage. He’s now destined to become a mere footnote in history — a man who will be remembered more as a wanker than a wonk.

  9. Luke Fredrickson

    Great last line in your comment Pat. I will do my best to credit you when repeating it.

    Ryan’s budget projections are as fact-based as his marathon time and his pot-scubbing propoganda, however the real reason he will never lead his party is that people know him now and don’t much take to him…no charisma. People embrace leaders who they like.

    His best hope will be a cabinet office in the next Republican administration. And he will be quite old by then.

  10. Paul Ryan is young and he will have a long, succesful political career.

    I too enjoyed your wanker and wonk line, but only because it came from a man whose historical legacy will either be a) A small time book about an average midwest town or b) the snarky host of a small time poltical blog.

    I also laughed at Luke’s charisma line, coming from a man whom I am sure oozes charisma in reference to a man who is one of the most powerful politicians in the world.

    Very special.

  11. Lots of good news today though boys.

    The rich are going to finally get it, just like you wanted. Is more than 50% fair or should we take it all?

    Also, those bank bastards are finally taking it in the shorts. I sure hope President Obama can find these former bank employees jobs though. Maybe a shovel ready project or two?


    Citigroup announced it will cut 11,000 jobs as part of plan to trim costs, the first major initiative from the bank’s new CEO, Michael Corbat.

    The bank will also take a $1 billion pre-tax charge during the fourth quarter, and approximately $100 million in related charges during the first half of 2013 as part of the plan, which is expected to save $900 million in 2013 and more than $1.1 billion annually beginning in 2014.

    The changes will also impact the bank’s revenue .. but not enough to outweigh the benefits of the cost cutting. Citigroup said the moves should lead to a reduction of less than $300 million in revenue a year annually.

    “These actions are logical next steps in Citi’s transformation,” said Corbat, who took the helm after former CEO Vikram Pandit stunned investors when he announced his immediate departure in mid-October.

  12. expdoc’s disparagement of this blog as “small time” is pretty amusing.

    Granted, compared to the big-timers in the political blogosphere, Applesauce is a minor player. But it’s not so minor that expdoc isn’t somewhat obsessed with it. Witness the fact that he has submitted a whopping 4,534 comments here over the past 40 months. That’s an average of 113 comments a month, or about 3.7 per day, seven days a week. When you consider that his comments are about 75 percent as numerous as the posts I publish here in a given month, it’s a wonder he even has a life outside of his reading this blog and responding to my calculated provocations of right-wingers like him.

    And while we’re on the subject of this blog’s relative popularity, I’m proud to say that last month was by far our best yet in terms of page views. And this year also has been by far our best since our inception nearly five years ago. Overall, our page views have numbered in the millions, and links to our stuff increasingly are showing up in other blogs. In fact, some of the big-timers even have us listed on their blogrolls. Our reach is national, and our comments come from all over the country.

    Still, this blog remains a humble little operation conducted by a cranky senior citizen who sits in his pajamas at a crummy little desk in a modest little apartment on the east side of Rockford and gets paid only a pittance for his efforts. His greatest reward is offending the likes of expdoc.

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