Right-wing pundit regrets that the GOP has become the eat-your-veggies-and-shut-up party

John Podhoretz (above), a conservative columnist for Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post, has again given me good cause to quote him.

I did so the other day (see HERE) when Podhoretz wrote that “Republicans have a bad hand to play” with respect to fiscal-cliff negotiations.

And now he’s come up with another eminently quotable COLUMN:

If you want to know why Republicans and conservatives are in a political crisis, you need only consider the fact that the Right’s deeply held view now boils down to this: Taxes should not go up on the wealthy, and your health benefits should be cut.

Political folk talk a lot these days about “messaging” — a neologism designed to describe the way in which parties and politicians consciously characterize their efforts. It is only intended to be positive — i.e., “our messaging is designed to show we care.”

But what if there is very little way to convey a positive message with the policies you are advocating? What if your message is this: If we don’t do unpopular things, we are all going to die.


[T]he political movement that came to maturity by advocating for dynamic American optimism has morphed into what it was at its most pinched and parched in the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s: the eat-your-vegetables-and-shut-up party.

The bleak message fits the party’s bleak mood — and perhaps the bleak condition of the country going forward. But it can’t prevail over the false promise of better times if only the rich get soaked and we all come together in unity to borrow more money to send our kids to college.

There’s no light at the end of the tunnel in the Republican message, no promise of better things to come. There’s only the present stagnation, followed by a slow decline. The public will continue to live in fantasy rather than accept such a harsh reality. Right now, the GOP “messaging” is: Tough.

Yeah, that’ll work.

ADDENDUM: Matt K. Lewis of the right-wing Daily Caller paraphrases Podhoretz’s column THUSLY:

Republicans spend  about 90 percent of their time defending the least popular 10 percent of their policies.

Like the football team who never gets good field position, Republicans start every day backed up in their own end zone. Meanwhile, Democrats begin the day on the 50 yard line.



  1. Yep, it is always the adults that are telling us to eat our veggies.

    Blind political ambition does not lend itself to adult behavior. This results in the Democrats telling us we can have our cake and eat it too.

    The Democrats are like your favorite grandmother who always spoiled you with cake and cookies. Unfortunately, in this scenario Grandama is in charge for the near future and we are going to puke as a country from all of that unhealthy eating.

    The ultimate pain of fixing our budget disaster, brought on by years of fiscal mismanagement by the political class (of both parties), is going to be increasingly terrible the longer we wait to collectively act like adults.

  2. doc refers to the party of global-warming denialists, evolution denialists, Tea Party crackpots, paranoid conspiratorialists, theocrats and various other wackos as “adults.”

    Too funny!

  3. Brian Opsahl

    Well if your saying that the Democrats are like your favorite Grandma…
    republicans are like that sick smelly Uncle that touches little kids in a perverted way..!!
    everybody in the family knows that he’s a sick Man and belongs in jail but he’s family so you just pretend that he’s NOT in the room…!! Doc:

  4. “sick smelly Uncle” I couldn’t have said it better.

  5. What a laugh Cunningham.

    So the Democrats are the party of what? Virtuous liberals?

    I have a phone call in to Jesse Jackson to get his opinion. After all he is a born and bred, life long member of the party of virtue.

  6. Brian Opsahl

    Funny doc, i have a call into Mitt Romney but it appears his phone was shut off and nobody can find him…?
    The republicans are the new party of rectul exams since they are already up there..!!
    See doc i can be just as frendly…with your chosen ilk writing

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