President Obama emotional in addressing school massacre

The president fought back tears as he spoke from the White House about the tragedy in Connecticut.




  1. Jay Carney said while today is not the day to debate gun policy, an assault weapons ban “does remain a commitment” of President Obama.

    In reflection to Pat’s post from Jon Stewart a few days ago, I’ll have to disagree. Now is the time to the discuss. Its the only way I can wrap my thoughts around the unimaginable horror of today’s events.

    That said, Ezra Klein has a good post today around facts with gun violence. I’d like to know more details around item #3 is his list.


  2. Here’s an article from the Daily Beast about the 20 Deadliest Gun States.

    From the article, there are only 4 states with more restrictive gun laws than Connecticut.


    So can anything have been done to prevent this?

  3. Somewhat buried is the story that the same terrible thing happened today in China, only a knife was used.


  4. Neftali: As terrible as the thing in China was, it wasn’t the same. None of those kids have died. Knife attacks by a rampaging madman aren’t likely to take the same kind of toll that would result from a madman rampaging with firearms.

  5. I don’t think I have ever cried when hearing first details of a breaking news story until today.

    Even 9-11 was more horror and disbelief than immediate grief.

    This story brings simple despair and the President hit the mark with his comments and with his emotion.

  6. Craig Knauss

    As I posted the other day, I’ve lived in Washington, a concealed carry state, for over 11 years. I have not seen any evidence of less crime or homicide (accidental or intentional) here. We have way too many “accidental” shootings and obviously intentional shootings. And maybe 1 time in 100 was the shooting “victim” the perpetrator. Many of our shootings are the result of small children and adolescents getting ahold of loaded weapons and playing with them at home, in the car, or even taking them to school. There are too many guns out there and they are too easy for unbalanced people to get.

  7. @expdoc

    I agree completely, something about this just pulls at your heartstrings. I cried too. 🙁

    “As a country we have been through this too many times” – President Obama

    Exactly. It is not a STATE issue. It is not about Connecticut gun laws, or Wisconsin gun laws, or Virginia gun laws, or Colorado gun laws. It is about American gun laws and gun policies. It is a federal issue, because it is seemingly happening in every state regardless of their specific laws.

    How is it that a man tries to put a bomb in his shoe and every single person in America has to take off their shoes before boarding a plane but in the REPEATED cases of shootings like this no change occurs.

    AMERICA has a gun problem.

  8. Yes but it is much more than a gun problem. We have always had lots of guns in this country, and guns readily available. It is much harder to buy a gun now than it was 30 years ago.

    We have a moral crisis and a culture crisis. We live in a culture of violence. On TV, in the movies, in video games etc.

    Gun control laws aren’t going to fix that. If we are willing to infringe on our right to keep and bear arms to stop this problem, then we should also be willing to infringe on the right of free speech that let’s violence permeate our media.

    The question is, are we willing?

  9. Craig Knauss

    Much harder to buy a gun now? Seriously? Anyone who hasn’t been convicted of a felony or declared legally insane can buy a gun. It seems the only restriction is age and that’s pretty low in some states. Almost every one of the people who committed these massacres bought their weapons LEGALLY. Even the ones who were undergoing psychiatric treatment. And the few who can’t buy a gun have someone else do it for them. Also, many of these gun shows do not do adequate background checks. So as long as you’re not wearing leg irons and an orange jumpsuit you can buy one there.

  10. I guess we all cried. I’m still crying. I could hardly wait for my daughter to call me after school.

    This case somehow hurts more than the other mass shootings, mainly because most of the victims were just little children.

    This one is going to be with us as a nation for some time to come. And it’s going to engender heated, even bitter, debate. But that’s as it should be.

  11. One thing to bear in mind regarding my prediction above that this tragedy will “engender heated, even bitter, debate”:

    In the wake of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, there was a sense of national unity and common patriotic purpose for several months, but it went away, and before long we were more divided than we had been for years.

    There won’t likely be any extended period of national unity following this episode in Connecticut. We’ll all be at each other’s throats before Christmas — and well beyond.

    Mark my words.

    But then, as I said above, that’s as it should be. This is America. Arguing among one another is what we do.

  12. Expdoc,

    I heard a quote on the radio right now that really explained everything:

    “We will have more of these tragedies so long as it is easier to get a gun than it is to get access to mental health services”

    Exactly. Too bad Illinois just cut mental health services and is now court-mandated to increase access to guns in public.

  13. James Fontana

    Obamas tears and compassion are fake. This fraud could care less about the victims as long as he can further his anti gun agenda. All those that think more gun control is needed are oblivious to Obozos real plan. Disarm the American public, institue sharia law and becom dictator. Taking away guns will bnot stop crime or this type of mass killing. Kids today kn ow how to build bombs thans to TV and the internet. They will just go on killing. GUNS DO NOT KILL, but the derrange person holding it does Maybe more parential control is needed. Maybe less violent TV,movies and video games are needed. Society is sick and Obama loves it, and it gives him more power. This lying fake needs to take his tears back to Chicago or better yet to a prison cell at Gitmo with the rest of the Muslim terrorist. Obamacare will cause a lot of mental health services to be cut. Are guns to blame for that?

  14. dogrescuer

    Not even the violent deaths of twenty children can stop the ignorant rants against the president, not even for just one day. I no longer believe the country will ever pull together again like it has in the past.

  15. James Fontana

    This is because Obama is going to turn this into a political circus. The shootings deaths were very sadening. But politics should be left at the White House but this poor excuse for a president will not do it. He has to have his photo op and cry his fake tears. He deserves every anti Obama rant he gets. He doesn’t need to be there. His presence will only create more chaos for law enorcement and be a distraction for the grieving loved ones. The country will never pull together with Obama in the White House because he doesn’t want that to happen.

  16. Amen , J. Fontana

    Their moron majority leader..b.o. is a fraud from day one .. his time in the Il. legislature
    and the U.S. Congress is proof as well as his last 4 years. He is a puppet for george soros and the satanic left elites.
    His tearless phony presser ( he cares nothing about the victims other than pandering for political moves) was worse than Hillary’s recent attempt to avoid testimony this next week. They are distorting every fact to attempt to impose his U. N. gun grab scheme which will surface again in a few days. She should be in Gitmo along with Slick Willy, evil Al and the rest of the criminal left….Pelosi, Reid etc.
    This admin , and it’s criminal commerades, are the most corrupt in the entire world..bar none.

    Just watch thier moves .

    Iam very sad for the loss of the families in Conn. as I lost a daughter of similar age…it still brings me to tears.

    May God Bless America…always

  17. Craig Knauss

    Whoa. It looks like it’s tinfoil hat time!

    Call out the black helicopters!

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