Underbelly of American politics reacts to Obama’s emotional remarks on school tragedy

In the wake of yesterday’s shooting incident at an elementary school in Connecticut, President Obama offered a few heartfelt and tearful remarks that were carried live on television across the nation (see HERE).

Most Americans, no doubt, shared the president’s sentiments.

But at least a few people didn’t. Notable among these was pseudo-macho right-wing blogger and filmmaker Pat Dollard (above), who tweeted this message:


Dollard’s Twitter followers responded in kind. A few examples:

–“I thought I was going to puke listening to Obummer’s fake speech on the shooting.”

–“He is the most plastic, inhuman man I have ever seen. . . taking advantage of tragedy for political expediency.”

–“What pissed me off the most was the single tear to wipe away for a NY Times cover picture. . . he has no shame, and no honor.”

–“Obama Wants sympathy for Gun Laws!!FAKE!!”

–“The only life he values is his political life – couldn’t care less about the safety of citizens.”

–“I never saw tears nor watery eyes yet he kept wiping at his eyes…weird. He is secretly gleeful now hoping to disarm America!”

–” I’ve been saying tht [sic] since this whole mess started. Don’t put it past this admin to have orchestrated sum [sic] of these…”

–“Get armed America!”

–“He will appear most sincere when he’s about to fleece his victim, like any good con-man.”



  1. Timefochange

    Unfortunately the “sicko’s of the world” are abundant and not only outside of the U.S. A perfect example of the problem in the U.S. is sitting in the picture at the top of this article.

  2. Ben Smith

    You are one sick person, if you could explain what part of that speech was heartfelt and tearful remarks. He sounded more like Hitler or Mussolini because he was talking about restricting our freedoms.

    “Most Americans, no doubt, shared the president’s sentiments.” Can’t really prove that False Statement can you.

    I hope you can live with your self, but seeing your picture above tells me otherwise.

  3. Brian Opsahl

    And these idiots call themselves Americans…holy bat crap…scary crazy…

  4. dogrescuer

    The right-wing corrosive hate goes on and on, even on the backs of murdered children.

  5. Craig Knauss


    If you think Obama sounded like Hitler and Mussolini, then you should have liked his speech. After all, Hitler and Mussolini were far-rightwing trash.

    And I notice that you refused to mention which freedoms would be restricted. Typical.

  6. JRM_CommonSense

    The person in the picture above, and all others who would even chase this kind of thought process down the road, are prime examples of a waste of human skin.

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