The 50 worst columns of 2012

David Wagner of The Atlantic devotes a paragraph of derision to each of 50 COLUMNS he considers the worst of the year.

The offenders come from the left, right and middle of the political spectrum. But, of course, my personal favorite was penned by a conservative. It’s an election eve piece Peggy Noonan wrote for the Wall Street Journal, wherein she offered some preposterous reasoning for her prediction that Mitt Romney would win.

Wagner describes Noonan’s crap thusly:

Nate Silver might have had finely tuned statistical models, but Peggy Noonan had vibrations, and she was picking up good ones that told her Romney would win: “All the vibrations are right,” she wrote after tuning into Fox News for a while. “Looking at the crowds on TV, hearing them chant ‘Three more days’ and ‘Two more days’β€”it feels like a lot of Republicans have gone from anti-Obama to pro-Romney.”


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  1. Maybe Noonan and Matthews can get a 2 for 1 on treatment of tingling and vibrations?

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