If you have to pay a lot more for milk in the new year, here’s where to place the blame

We’re all familiar with Republican obstructionism in the U.S. House, right?

But I’ll bet you didn’t know about THIS:

House Republicans let the five-year farm bill expireat the end of September without a new law to replace the massive measure covering billions of dollars in programs, including food stamps and agriculture subsidies. The Senate passedits own bipartisan, 10-year farm bill in June, and House Democrats and farm state Republicans attempted to force the House to consider a bill to replace it. But the GOP leadership steadfastly refused to vote on it.

As a result, milk prices could jump as high as $6 to $8 per gallon after Jan. 1, when the government will revert to following antiquated 1949 regulations without a farm bill in place.


In the short term, farmers would see a windfall by selling to the government at a higher price, but as the New York Times reports, that would lead to higher prices in stores and less milk availablefor manufacturing butter and cheese. “I don’t think customers and food processors are going to pay double what they are paying now for dairy products,” saidDean Norton, a dairy farmer and president of the New York Farm Bureau.



  1. I thought the left wingers were trying to convince us all that milk and cheese were bad for us anyway. Besides, what would happen if the cows banded together and formed a union?


    Adds Dr. Barnard, “It’s worth noting that milk and other dairy products are our biggest source of saturated fat, and there are very credible links between dairy consumption and both Type 1 diabetes and the most dangerous form of prostate cancer.” Then, of course, there are our 9 million dairy cows, most of whom live tortured, miserable lives while making a significant contribution to greenhouse gases.

  2. Always a Leftist slant w/ everything that this paper prints – so glad I left the Mohawk Valley & NYS.

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