Republicans much more fearful than Democrats or independents about their own lives in 2013

If you’ve got any theories about THIS, I’d love to hear them (or maybe I wouldn’t):

Nearly three-quarters of Republicans are fearful about their own lives in 2013 – a huge jump of over 50 percent since 2006, according to a poll released Monday.

By contrast, three-quarters of Democrats are hopeful about their own lives in the coming year, as are half of independents, according to an ABC/Washington Post poll..

A whopping 72 percent of Republicans are fearful about their own lives, and 79 percent are fearful for the world, the poll found. Only 20 percent of Republicans were fearful in 2006, a gigantic 52-point leap. In 2008, those numbers were already rising as President Barack Obama was elected. Then, 54 percent were fearful.

Overall, 53 percent of Americans are hopeful for themselves in 2013, and 44 percent are fearful. A majority of Americans — 56 percent — are fearful for the world in general.



  1. shawnnews

    The county is only great when their political party is in office. Otherwise the big bad democrats are going to take away their freedom. I think talk radio and right-wing pols build up that seige mentality.

  2. You don’ t think the left wing does the same thing?


  3. Thanks epdoc you nailed this one.

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