Fox News Web site says anti-gay demonstrators from Westboro Baptist Church are “left-wing”

Check the caption on the photo above and then read THIS:

When’s the last time you met a gay-hating, Obama-hating (they think he’s literally the anti-Christ), Muslim-hating, Catholic-hating (conservative Baptists think Catholics worship Satan) evangelical Baptist church that was full of Democrats?  Oh yeah, they also really really don’t like Jews.  Well, if you believe Fox News (your first mistake), Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church is really a bunch of liberals.  Albeit, liberals who hate gays, Obama, Muslims, Jews and have the same view of Catholics as the Republican-loving religious right.

Other than that, very liberal.

This story is a perfect example of why Fox News is not a “news” network, but rather, is little more than a propaganda arm of the Republican party.  And the far right wing of the GOP, at that.



  1. One would think that after their humiliating defeat on election night Fox would give truthiness a try. Guess not.

  2. Does it matter with which side the “nuts” best identify? I think what makes nuts nutty is that they hold views very few people embrace. You made reference, in another post, to one right wing blogger who believes Sandy Hook was an inside job. Sort of reminds you of the left wing nuts who believe the terror attacks that took place on 9/11 were the government’s doing, doesn’t it? Sensible people don’t believe that either of these events were carried out by the U.S. government. Likewise, sensible people don’t believe that God hates anyone or that it is appropriate to protest at funerals. There are nuts on both sides. Period. The idea that we need to identify each group as left or right is ridiculous- that goes for the RRStar and Fox News alike. As for being a “propaganda arm of the Republican party”- maybe they are just that (have never seen you say anything about MSNBC, ironically). However, you are then the pot and Fox is the kettle. All you do is propagandize for the left; even you can’t deny that. And before you twist my words and accuse me of speaking in defense of Fox News, let me say that I am not doing that. I am saying that, as you propagandize, you accuse others of the same and that doesn’t make any sense.

  3. Craig Knauss


    Some of the 9/11 truthers were ultra-conservative “religious” hacks who thought that Israel was responsible for the attacks. I’ve read a bunch of comments from people who blamed it all on Mossad. They were the Fred Phelps, Neo-Nazi, Klan, Supremacist types.

    And next to Pat’s picture it says “unabashedly liberal perspective”. He’s not some far-rightwinger trying to pretend that he represents mainstream America like Karl Rove, Donald Trump, Michelle Bachmann, the Tea Party, etc. do.

  4. That only serves to confirm my point. Some of the 9/11 conspiracy theorists were ultra-conservative, some of them simply hated George W. Bush. Either way, the crazies are crazies and it does no good to try to make either side guilty by association, because these are extreme views held by a very small percent of the population. The Glenn Becks of the world look to blame every little thing on liberals, look to find a democrat conspiracy in every crisis and report on obscure, little groups of liberal thinkers that happen to also be insane. Pat does the same thing for the other side. They both seek to demonize the other side and drive a wedge between people instead of try to seek common ground. There’s no place for it in “The Rock River Valley’s Leading Information Source”- liberal disclaimer or not. I remember a time when the papers reported the news.

  5. Aaron,

    I have literally tried to make your point to Pat for years.

    You are right.

    But he doesn’t care.

  6. “Fair enough. But how can Hoft refer to Westboro as left-wing?

    It’s true that founder Fred Phelps ran as a Democrat in Kansas during several Democratic primaries during the 1990s (he always lost). ”

    “In fairness to Fox News, this assertion appears to have originated on Gateway Pundit — the source material for Fox Nation’s “article” — where blogger Jim Hoft criticized criticized the Cochrane Times — the source material for the biker story — for daring to call the WBC a “right-wing Christian group.”

    The suggestion that they are anything but is plainly false and should be immune from refutation, but, suffice it to say, dubbing Fred Phelps a “far-right pastor” didn’t seem out of line to the “liberal untruths” crusaders at Andrew Schlafly’s Conservapedia.”

    source of this

    But let’s not be fair or balanced

  7. Craig Knauss


    It doesn’t appear that you understand how primaries work. Almost anyone, such as Fred Phelps, can file a petition to run on a party’s primary ballot. If nobody opposes it, they stay on the ballot. In places like Republican Kansas, or even Republican Dupage County when I lived there, many slots on the Democratic (or other minority parties) portion of the ballot are not filled. File a petition for one of the uncontested slots and you’re in, since there’s nobody to challenge it. The LaRouchies pulled that stunt years ago and got a bunch of their people on the Democratic side of the general election ballot in Illinois. They weren’t even close to being Democrats, but got on because many downstate primary ballots had no other filers to challenge their petitions. I’m sure that Pat remembers all this.

  8. Craig,
    That isn’t the point I was making..read the link and if you still have no clue, I’ll explain it to you.

  9. Craig Knauss


    First – provide a viable link. One that actually works.

    Second – Yes, explain it. I could use a good laugh. Especially since I explained how Phelps wound up on the Democratic ballot without being a Democrat. Apparently you were the only one who couldn’t comprehend what was said. So I’m looking forward to your contorted explanation.

  10. Craig,
    well put in http://and then the URL it will take you there or you could do a cut and past into the address bar and it will take you to the site as well. Goggle URL and use you favorite source Wikipedia if you get confused.

    This all started because the “cochranetimes.com” described them as “The vocal right-wing Christian group, whose website is godhatesfags.com”

    Get it? so they falsely identified the WBC as right wing, so in retaliation or just to prove a point, they in turn identified them as a left- wing group knowing that they weren’t, so Fox gets hammered, but those who falsely claim they are right wing do not.


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