Conservative editorialist: Going over the fiscal cliff would be a political disaster for Republicans

Philip Klein, senior editorial writer for the conservative Washington Examiner, SAYS it behooves congressional Republican leaders (above) to reach some deal with Democrats to avoid going over the fiscal cliff:

A number of commentators, including myself, have argued that if no deal is reached to avert the “fiscal cliff” and taxes go up on most Americans, then President Obama will be able to structure a massive middle class tax cut in the new year that Republicans would find impossible to oppose. Among the many political implications of such a scenario, one would be that the basket of policies now commonly referred to as the “Bush tax cuts” will suddenly morph into the “Obama middle class tax cut.” In my mind, this would be a major error by Republicans.


If the nation goes over the cliff, the most likely outcome is the worst of both worlds for Republicans. Once some sort of legislation eventually gets passed, taxes will still go up on higher income earners. But additionally, Democrats will appropriate much of Bush’s tax policy and Obama will become the great middle class tax cutter.


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