New Year’s resolution for global-warming deniers: Wake up!

Todd Sanford of the Union of Concerned Scientists NAILS IT:

Our own National Academy of Sciences, founded by Abraham Lincolnto inform policymakers about science, concluded that climate change is occurring, is caused largely by human activities, and poses significant risks for human and natural systems.

Nearly every national academy of science the world over and scores of scientific societies affirm these basic findings.

But misinformation from special interests has sown doubt and confusion about climate science among the public and policymakers.

That has to change. There’s nothing ideological or partisan about first responders planning for the toll increased summer heat can take on seniors. Or farmers taking a hard look at the future for their crops. Or coastal planners anticipating how fast sea levels are rising near valuable beaches.

Post-Sandy, conversations about climate change have a new urgency.

We can be more creative in planning and building resilient communities. There are win-win solutions to address the underlying causes of climate change. For instance, energy efficiency reduces heat-trapping emissions and also helps power companies manage demand during heat waves. Reducing emissions that cause climate change can also help improve air quality and health.

Policymakers shouldn’t put climate change – and the best available, most accurate science, that informs our responses to it – on the back burner.

As our climate changes, it will almost certainly keep delivering more wake up calls like this year’s extreme weather. It’s time for us to get to work finding solutions and making sure we’re prepared for the impacts that are still to come.



  1. yea wake up or be assassinated!

    “Prof. Richard Parncutt of the University of Graz, Austria, for his recent suggestion that climate skeptics deserve the death penalty. ”

    “I was certain for a while Earth First’s “assassination hit list” of people deserving direct action, such as Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon, for the apparent sin of delivering large new supplies of cheap—and low polluting—natural gas, would be the easy winner of the first annual Green Weenie. Earth First says they’re only proposing “prank assassinations” (though adding that “In fact, most everyone hates these creeps, and many would applaud their demise”), but doesn’t this count as the kind of “hate speech” that the Left said caused the Gabrielle Giffords shooting? That was Sarah Palin’s fault I recall. Makes me think I’ll need to dredge up my old bumper sticker that reads: “Earth First!—We’ll Mine the Other Planets Later.”


  2. Wilson: What are you trying to say? That some Aussie’s stupid remark is good reason to be skeptical of mainstream scientific theories regarding climate change?

    That wouldn’t surprise me, given your penchant for toeing the wingnut line.

  3. http://www.earthfirst.org/ is aussie based?
    No Pat, I was pointing out that these people mean business, these left wing crackpots you know like the “right wing crazies” you post about and attempt to paint every conservative as being lock step with them?

    It was inevitable that these climate fanatic left-wing kooks would suggest killing non believers and so soon after Newtown.
    What do you believe Pat? You always seem pretty fanatical about global warming and climate change.

    Just learning from you Pat.
    “This was inevitable: Right-wing kook says federal government was involved in Newtown shootings”

  4. Wilson: That stuff about the “‘the right wing crazies’ you post about and attempt to paint every conservative as being lock step with them” is nonsense.

    Only a right-wing crazy like you would say something like that.

  5. Touche!
    So Pat please define right-winger,
    if you google applesause right-wing rrstar you get 54,500 hits, I would say somebody is obsessed with “right-wingers” with that many hits.
    7,770 hits with applesauce right-wing wingnut rrstar

    I hope you are not one of those crazy left-wing fanatics obsesses with unbelievers.

  6. Wilson: I have two simple questions for you:

    1. Are you inclined to agree with the overwhelming majority of climate scientists with regard to the threat posed to this planet by man-made global warming?

    2. If not, why not?

  7. Absolutely

  8. Then you agree with the headline of this post. Good.

  9. By the way, Wilson, this blog’s obsession with wingnuts seems to work pretty well.

    Readership has soared this year. Last month was our best by far, and the final numbers for the year, which I’ll get next week, likely will be through the proverbial roof.

    My snarky baiting of wingnuts apparently is pretty popular, if I say so myself.

  10. May you luxuriate in the riches it brings you.

    I fully expected tha this would be your biggest year ever.

  11. climatehawk1

    Parncutt seems like the caricature of an academic, so wrapped up in his own reasoning that he fails to see how it will be used/misused. In any event, very poor judgment. Maybe hate speech too, although I’m not sure it rises to the level of, say, putting bullseyes over political candidates and telling people after the election to “reload,” both of which were blithely excused away by supporters. Parncutt’s basic point is that this is a life-and-death issue, and I agree, but the notion of executing people for their beliefs is fundamentally wrong.

  12. Wilson – Powerlineblog is an arm of the Koch brothers and not a reliable unbiased source for scientific research and information.

  13. Leslie Graham

    The sheer number of deaths worldwide that are the result or will be the result of the campaign of deliberate lies and misinformation from the carbon industry and their mindless shills and dupes then the death penalty is indeed called for.
    It’s nothing less than genocide and although some of the shilsl and dupes probably don’t realise they have been played for suckers, the organisers of this campaign know EXACTLY what they are doing and they don’t give a damn.
    I hope someone is making a list of all these people for the future trials.

  14. Leslie Graham

    I see the percentage of climate scientists who agree that our emissions of CO2 are causing the current climate change has gone up from 97% to over 99% now.

    Meanwhile the tiny group of US right wing whackjobs gets ever more shrill and hysterical now that climate change is obvious even to idiots.

  15. The concept of atmospheric greenhouse gases not just violates basic physics but also, for example, would render infra-red astronomy an impossibility.

    If you are physicist with an academic curiosity about these matters, you are immediately shouted down and accused of having either a vested interest, right wing political views, or worse. And these attacks are increasing all the time, which should be a cause for concern.

    The physical objections to a greenhouse gas effect – that the warmer Earth’s surface would annihilate back radiation, for example – have never been addressed. Instead, we are presented with what appear to be deliberately misleading high school experiments with trapped CO2, which describe only convective heat transfer. Computer models cannot describe the Earth’s atmosphere, which is too complex. There is therefore, no existing mathematical description of a greenhouse effect which would allow predictive analysis. Similarly, there is no observational evidence for unusual warming, quite the opposite in fact.

  16. The problem is that the only “evidence” for significant anthropogenic i.e. manmade global warming is derived from climate models. Scientists assertions that they cannot produce a climate model based on natural factors alone but can produce one including manmade emissions is deeply suspect.

    The climate model predictions have, thus far, proved utterly useless, which diminishes the credibility of the ideologically suspect scientists who programmed them.

  17. Vitaly – You mean Mr. Wizard was lying?

  18. Wow Mr. Cunningham, with all of the name calling and offensive remarks you make on your blog, you sure know how to bring the bad karma your way.

    You sure this is worth it?


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