People I’ve heard of who died this year

The only names on this list are those that ring a bell with me. Thousands of people who were notable in their fields of endeavor but were unknown to me have been excluded.

I’ve also excluded personal acquaintances of mine and local luminaries so as to avoid the embarrassment of missing a few.

The deaths are listed in roughly chronological order, beginning with Jan 1, 2012:

Fred Milano, doo-wop singer.

Jim Huber, sports commentator.

Charles Bailey, novelist.

Don Carter, bowler.

Frank James McGarr, federal judge.

Ed Derwinski, American politician.

Robert Hegyes, actor.

Mike Current, football player.

Johnny Otis, R&B singer.

Etta James, blues singer.

Jim Irwin, sportscaster.

Joe Paterno, football coach.

Anthony Capo, mobster-turned-informant.

Kevin White, American politician.

Don Cornelius, TV host.

Angelo Dundee, boxing trainer.

Ben Gazzara, actor.

Peter Breck, actor.

Janice Voss, astronaut.

Whitney Houston, singer.

Russell Arms, singer.

Dory Previn, songwriter.

Gary Carter, baseball player.

Davy Jones, musician and actor.

Andrew Breitbart, political commentator.

James Q. Wilson, political scientist.

Ronnie Montrose, guitarist.

Alex Webster, football player.

Dave Philley, baseball player.

John Demjanjuk, war criminal.

Mel Parnell, baseball player.

Lacy Banks, sportswriter.

Bert Sugar, boxing writer.

Earl Scruggs, musician.

Mike Wallace, news correspondent.

Blair Kiel, football player.

Dick Clark, television host and producer.

Levon Helm, musician.

Bill Granger, author and columnist.

Bill Skowron, baseball player.

Amarillo Slim, poker player.

George Lindsey, actor.

Vidal Sassoon, hairstylist.

Donald “Duck” Dunn, guitarist.

Kevin Hickey, baseball player.

Bob Boozer, basketball player.

Hans Schmidt, wrestler.

Jack Twyman, basketball player.

Orlando Woolridge, basketball player.

Ray Bradbury, author.

Bob Welch, musician, songwriter.

Dave Boswell, baseball player.

Ann Rutherford, actress.

Philip Corboy, attorney.

Henry Hill, mobster.

Dan Dorfman, financial journalist.

Rodney King, crime victim.

R.C. Owens, football player.

Judy Agnew, former American Second Lady.

LeRoy Nieman, artist.

Richard Adler, Broadway producer and composer.

Nora Ephron, screenwriter and film director.

Don Grady, actor.

Ben Davidson, football player and actor.

Andy Griffith, actor.

Celeste Holm, actress.

Steven Covey, author.

Kitty Wells, singer.

Robin Gibbs, singer.

Thomas Kinkade, artist.

Donna Summer, singer.

Robert Creamer, sportswriter.

Tom Davis, comedian.

Alexander Cockburn,  journalist.

Sally Ride, astronaut.

Ernest Borgnine, actor.

Tony Martin, singer and actor.

Jimmy Jones, singer.

Paul McCracken, economist.’

Benjamin Heineman, railroad executive.

Sister Boom Boom, gay activist.

Marvin Hamlisch, composer.

Judith Crist, film critic.

Sherman Hemsley, actor.

Helen Gurley Brown, author and publisher.

Johnny Pesky, baseball player.

Phyllis Thaxter, actress.

William Windom, actor.

Richard Dawson, actor and TV host.

Scott McKenzie, singer.

Phyllis Diller, comedienne and actress.

Steve Van Buren, football player.

Chad Everett, actor.

Michael Clarke Duncan, actor.

Neil Armstrong, astronaut.

Hal David, lyricist.

Andy Williams, singer.

Sun Myung Moon, religious leader.

Joe South, singer and songwriter.

Art Modell, sports magnate.

Dorothy McGuire, singer.

Steve Sabol, filmmaker.

Barry Commoner, biologist and politician.

Alex Karras, football player and actor.

Gary Collins, actor and TV host.

Eddie Yost, baseball player.

Norodom Sihanouk, Cambodian royalist and politician.

Paul Kurtz, secular humanist.

Russell Means, Native American activist.

George McGovern, politician.

Ron Pallilo, actor.

Carmen Basilio, boxer.

Larry Hagman, actor.

Hector “Macho” Comacho, boxer.

Marvin Miller, union leader.

Irene Hughes, psychic.

Dave Brubeck, musician.

Ravi Shankar, musician.

Robert Bork, jurist and legal scholar.

Charles Durning, actor.

Jack Klugman, actor.

Norman Schwarzkopf Jr., military leader.

UPDATE: Fontella Bass, singer.


















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