Now that Hillary is hospitalized with a blood clot, will certain people still suggest she’s faking illness?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been HOSPITALIZED after a blood clot was discovered during a follow-up examination of her recent concussion.

One wonders whether the wingnuts who said she was faking the concussion — Charles Krauthammer, Sean Hannity, at al — will persist in such SLANDER.



  1. Of all people Krauthammer who is disabled from an accident should be more sensitive to Hillary’s condition.

  2. I don’t think there is any conspiracy, but as of right now the medical story isn’t quite adding up.

    A “blood clot related to her recent concussion” could be multiple things, all of which would be unusual, several of which would not be treated by anti-coagulants.

    Most likely it is a DVT in her leg from being laid up and because of the recent viral illness that she suffered (particularly if she was dehydrated). This would not be something you would look for on a follow up exam of a concussion though.

    A subdural hematoma (blood around the brain) or intraparenchymal hemorrhage (blood in the brain itself) would be possible, but absolutely would not be treated with blood thinners.

    More rare would be a blood clot in the dural venous system around the brain that might be contributed to by dehydration or a previously undiagnosed skull fracture.

    Any time someone presents with a first DVT that is relatively out of the blue you have to consider something else that may predispose to clotting. The most ominous would be a previously undiagnosed cancer.

  3. Anyone who thinks Clinton is running for President again is in complete denial. (Which is about 1/2 the Democratic party.) Hopefully CNN will stop with the 2016 polls now.

    Clinton would be 70 when she takes office. She has spent about a year of her life in the air recently and logged over a million miles. Its a tough toll on anybody. Plus, unlike Condoleezza Rice, who was famous for her 4:30 am workouts, I never got the impression that Hillary was in the best of shape. Plus, she has already repeatedly denied she is running.

    Time for the liberals to find a new savior.

    (That said, I wish her a speedy recovery)

  4. Craig Knauss


    Ronald Reagan was born in Feb. 1911 and took office in Jan. 1981. Do the math.

    And Reagan was famous for his afternoon naps.

    I don’t think Hillary will try to run. As you stated, the last four years were grueling.

  5. Brian Opsahl

    To the many bloggers out there from either side I wish you a Happy New Year and may all your Dreams and Asperations come to Frutition this year…!! Thanks Pat for giving us all this Forum to rattle each other ….write you all next Year

  6. Neftali: The age of 70 isn’t all that old. I’m 70, and I can still kick butt (although not physically).

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