Poll: Three-fourths of Republicans say America’s best days are behind us; most Dems disagree

THIS will tell you who America’s biggest sourpusses are:

Fifty percent of Americans believe the country’s best days are behind us, according to the findings of a USA Today/Gallup pollreleased Tuesday.

That’s slightly higher than the 47 percent of respondents who have a more optimistic outlook about the country’s future. The poll showed a sharp divergence in the views between Democrats and Republicans. Sixty-nine percent of Democrats said the country’s best days are still ahead of us, while 74 percent of Republicans said the best days are behind us.



  1. I think this can be explained because the Democrats can’t or won’t understand the simple math of the fiscal predicament in which we are mired.

    Democrats think that because the party who promised them more things is in power that those things will magically continue to appear.

    Republicans know that we can’t afford all of those “free things” and that our politicians (on both sides of the aisle) are likely to continue to fail us when it comes to trying to rein in spending.

  2. Neftali

    Expdoc nailed it. Democrats are living in denial. Their judgement is obviously clouded from all the legal marijuana.

  3. Craig Knauss

    Most of those “free things” are paying off the debt that has been accumulating since Reagan took office with his borrow and spend philosophy. The debt was more than $11T when Obama took office. When are Republicans going to face reality?

  4. It doesn’t matter who spent it, because in the end it is all of our money and all of our debt.

    If we don’t get very serious about fixing it, very soon then we are doomed to a PIIGS like future. Any solution is going to be painful to everyone now and will only get more painful the longer we wait to fix it.

  5. Luke Fredrickson

    It has been painful for 5+ years for most of us, doc, while the Republicans drug their feet.

    As you say, the “solution is going to be painful to everyone now.”

  6. Brian Opsahl

    If the republicans had took some interest awhile back we wouldn’t be in this predicament would we. Bush busted out that credit card and spent like no tomarrow and now your pissed because it’s time to pay the bills and you can only find blame with the guy that didn’t cause the problem, but he is left to fix what Bush left behind…so you just blame Obama …how stupid are you anyway..!!

  7. Brian,

    Don’t be such an idiot.

    It doesn’t matter which political group spent OUR money. WE have to pay it back. Adding trillions of dollars to the debt isn’t fixing the problem it is making it worse.

    It is as if your garage was on fire and the first fire company that arrived wasn’t doing a good job off putting out the fire so the call goes out to a second fire company and instead of turning water on the fire they lit another fire in your family room.

    That is not fixing the problem it is making it worse. Much worse.

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