Club for Jerks (aka Club for Growth) will punish lawmakers who voted for Sandy relief

THESE are the kind of people who tell more than a few Republican members of Congress when to jump and how high:

The conservative Club for Growth said Friday that it will punish House members who voted for a flood insurance measure aimed at helping pay for Hurricane Sandy’s damage.

The Club will “key-vote” the measure, using it to compile an annual rating for each lawmaker.

The House on Thursday morning approved the $9.7-billion increase in funding for the National Flood Insurance Program. The bill passed easily in a bipartisan 354-67 vote.

It needed a two-thirds vote of the House for approval since it was coming under suspension of rules procedures.

“Congress should not allow the federal government to be involved in the flood insurance industry in the first place, let alone expand the National Flood Insurance Program’s authority,” a statement from the Club’s Andy Roth said.


Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has committed to allowing a $51 billion tranche to come to the floor when the House returns from recess the week after next. Boehner pulled a $60 billion (in total) bill from the floor late on New Year’s Day, provoking angry outbursts from Northeast lawmakers in his own party, who compared it to a stab in the back.



  1. Unless the baggers are independently wealthy they need this dark money to stay in office and spread their venom.

  2. Neftali

    Steverino – Lets look at the facts of your most recent ill-informed comment.

    Here are the top 10 Recipients of funds for Club for Growth:


    Flake, Jeff (R-AZ) Senate $717,934 – Executive Director of the Goldwater Institute
    Cruz, Ted (R-TX) Senate $695,527 – Harvard Grad, Editor of Harvard Law Review following the lines of Barack Obama and 4 current Supreme Court Justices
    Neumann, Mark W (R-WI) Senate $426,828 – Lost election
    Mourdock, Richard E (R-IN) Senate $290,815 – Lost election
    Mandel, Josh (R-OH) Senate $283,493 – Lost election
    Cotton, Thomas (R-AR) House $245,783 – Army Captain, Harvard Grad, attorney
    King, Steven A (R-IA) House $172,723 – Construction Company owner
    Massie, Thomas (R-KY) House $110,332 – Engineering guru from M.I.T with a couple dozen patents and small business owner/entrepreneur.
    Rothfus, Keith J (R-PA) House $99,536 – Notre Dame Law School Grad, attorney
    Stenberg, Don (R-NE) Senate $83,103 – Harvard law School Grad, attorney
    Wimmer, Carl (R-UT) House $60,052 – Police Officer

    Its debatable how much capital Flake has, probably not a lot, and he didn’t win his Senate seat by much. A further look at the Flake vs. Carmona campaign contributors reveals that the biggest donor by far was the Club for Growth for Flake. But he’s in the Senate. The article was directed towards House GOP members.

    So of the current members in the House that received funds from Club for Growth, only Wimmer probably needed the money, and he’s from Utah in a heavy conservative district anyway, so even he could have probably have ran with his own money and won.

    In other words, they could probably care less what the “Club for Growth” thinks.

  3. Nef – All those baggers need the money as well as other forms of conservative donations to run for office which also dictates how they should vote. Since their politics borderline on delusional they must employ an army of workers to disgrace their opponents and mail out those giant post cards of their family stating they are really for the common folk.

  4. Embrace the hate Stevo. It will bring you great joy.

  5. Tom Brown

    “The Club For Growth” is the dumbest name for this organization possible. If they were really interested in economic growth then they’d be FOR this measure! Instead, they reflect the badly misinformed neo-liberal neo-classical libertarian tradition of being universally against all government spending. These same neo-classical and neo-liberal thinkers are the ones that steered the Fed and the financial deregulation mania that drove us right over the edge in 2008… they are the most clueless bunch of morons ever to hold PhDs… while other “heterdox” economic disciplines were screaming warnings about 2008, the establishment clowns were happily hitting the accelerator…. their understanding of banking (and that banks create money each time they make a loan), and the fundamentals of how our fiat money system actually functions is laughable. They’re not for growth… they’re for putting the needs of creditors and financial manipulators above all other aspects of society. It’s bad for money to be devalued for plutocrats. It’s bad for people and local governments to NOT be in a financial jam for plutocrats (plutocrats love it when local governments and individuals are in a needless credit crunch or other financial jam, because they can then swoop in and “privatize” resources they can then charge rent for… like the parking meters in Chicago). What the club for “growth” represents is the club for what Adam Smith warned about: “rentiers” … in Adam Smith’s day the rentiers were the useless idle wealthy aristocrats who charged unreasonable rents for the productive use of their land. The rentiers are alive and well! … but now they are represented by organizations like “Club for Growth” which is anything but. They represent the dominance of non-productive, parasitic financial crony capitalists over productive industrial capitalists and workers. They should really be called “The Club For Parasites.”

  6. Craig Knauss


    How many of those guys are NOT far-rightwing? Any of them? I see Mourdock, humanitarian of the year, is on the list. And law school grads aren’t always left-leaning or middle of the road. For example, Liberty University has a law school as well, – for ultra-conservatives. The list makes the Club for Growth’s intentions pretty darn clear.

  7. Doc – Club for Growth is malignant. Treat it.

  8. Sorry but you guys don’t get it. Over 80 percent of the package is not for hurricane relief. Have you heard of ambulance-chasing congressmen?

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