Oh, the shame of it all! Nancy Pelosi unapologetic in face of Photoshopping scandal!

When Democratic women in the new Congress gathered on the steps of the Capitol the other day for a photo, four female lawmakers were missing, having been delayed for one reason or another.

The decision was made not to keep the assembled women waiting in the cold. Several photos of the group were snapped, and a shot of the other women was taken later and Photoshopped into one of original pics so that a single image would serve as the official record.

No big deal, right? As House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi PUT IT, the doctored photo (above, left) serves as an accurate record.

Yes, but let’s never underestimate the penchant among certain right-wingers for scandal-mongering when it comes to Democrats.

THIS GUY, for example, says it’s just “another fabricated reality created by the left.”

And THIS OTHER GUY calls it “another old Soviet trick reinvented for America.”

Soviet trick? Wow! That takes red-baiting to a whole new level, doesn’t it?


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