Poll: Two-thirds of Republicans don’t like the fiscal-cliff deal, but two-thirds of Democrats do

Gallup sees a MIXED VERDICT:

Americans are split over how they view the fiscal cliff compromise, with more Republicans being unsatisfied than Democrats, according to a recent poll.

Overall, 45 percent say they disapprove of the Congress-approved plan to avert going over the cliff and 43 percent approve, accordingto a Gallup poll Friday. The rest are unsure.

Among GOP participants: 27 percent approved the deal; 65 percent disapprove; the rest have no opinion. Among Dems: 67 percent approve; 23 percent disapprove; the rest have no opinion.

How’d they think political leaders handled it? For President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, pretty good. But bad news for Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Of Obama: 48 percent disapprove, 46 percent approve of his handling; of Biden: 42 percent disapprove, 40 percent approve; Boehner: 50 percent disapprove, 31 percent approve; Reid: 48 percent disapprove, 27 percent approve.



  1. I don’t know how you can assess “the plan” when it isn’t even complete yet. All of the hard decisions have been deferred….yet again.

  2. kevind1986

    Taxes went up on the “others'” and cuts were put off until “later”. Don’t need a poll to tell you who is gonna like that…..

  3. That 67% of Democrats approved of the ‘deal’ shouldn’t some as a surprise. Taxes went up, and spending went up. For a Democrat, what’s not to like.

    But I wonder whether their opinion will change if they find out how much pork and crony capitalism was stuck in that “fiscal cliff” deal?

    What about you Pat? Are you down with that?

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