This blog is five years old today

On this date in 2008, this humble little blog was launched — just in time for that year’s presidential campaign. That seems so long ago in some ways and not so long in others.

Almost 9,500 posts and untolled thousands of comments have been published here over these five years, and readership has extended to all 48 of the continental United States and even to a few foreign lands.

This past year was our most successful, with a tally of 670,799 page-views. The five-year figure for page-views exceeds two million.

Naturally, I’m grateful to those readers whose regular visits and spirited contributions have helped make this enterprise the modest success it has become.



  1. dogrescuer

    Happy Anniversary, and I hope there are many more milestones to look forward to.

  2. dogrescuer: Thanks.

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