Polls: Obama gets good grades for handling fiscal cliff, but Boehner decidedly does not

Two separate polls SHOW President Obama to have been a winner in the recent fiscal-cliff negotiations while House Speaker John Boehner was a big loser.

In one of those polls, even one-fourth of Republican respondents say Obama did a good job. But then, that same poll also showed one-fourth of Democratic respondents approving of Boehner’s handling of the matter.

Americans are largely split in their reaction to the “fiscal cliff” agreement, but united in their dislike for the role played by House Speaker John Boehner, according to a Washington Post/ABC pollreleased Tuesday…

President Barack Obama won a majority of support for his handling of the crisis, as 52 percent of Americans approved of his approach, while 37 percent disapproved.

John Boehner, by contrast, saw a 20-point net negative rating, with 31 percent approving and 51 percent disapproving of his handling of the deal…

As a Pew poll released Mondayalso showed, Boehner’s low ratings come in large part from Republican unhappiness with his leadership. While Obama has broad support from Democratic voters, just 38 percent of Republican voters approved of Boehner’s work on the negotiations…

Just 8 percent of Republican voters approved of the way Obama was handling negotiations in a December Post-ABC survey, while in the new poll roughly one in four (23 percent) said he had done a good job. Democrats jumped from 14 to 27 percent in approving of Boehner’s handling of the issue.


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