The NRA even opposes scientific research on gun safety

In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of right-wing antipathy toward science — as evidenced, for example, by climate-change denialism and opposition to the teaching of evolution in public schools.

And now THIS has emerged at Vice President Joe Biden’s task force on gun violence:

More than a hundred scientists from virtually every major U.S. university told Biden’s task force in a letter that research restrictions pushed by the NRA [National Rifle Association] have stopped the United States from finding solutions to gun violence.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has cut gun safety research by 96 percent since the mid-1990s, according to one estimate. Congress, pushed by the gun lobby, in 1996 put restrictions on CDC funding of gun research. Restrictions on other agencies were added in later years.

Biden said he would like federal agencies to have the ability to get information on what kind of weapons are used most to kill people and what kind of weapons are the most trafficked.

“I’m no great hunter – it’s mostly skeet shooting for me – I don’t quite understand why everybody would be afraid of whether or not we determine what is happening,” he said.



  1. Follow the money Joe, just follow the money.

  2. Big Dave


    My question, why does David Gregory get a pass? He clearly broke the law by having this high capacity magazine on Meet the Press. Law is law right guys! I know he is a good liberal so we can look the other way.

    Yet I heard nothing from the boys on this one.

  3. The reason the NRA opposes it, is because the many of the Dems are pushing their junk science to push gun bans on all of us. Plus, skewed studies and polls pushing gun control too.

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