Two new polls show massive public support for background checks on all gun purchases

Separate polls by the Pew Research Center (HERE) and ABC/Washington Post (HERE) show that at least 85 percent of Americans favor making all firearms purchases subject to background checks.

The Pew survey also shows smaller majorities supporting various other measures, including the establishment of a federal database to track gun sales and an outright ban on the sale of assault-style weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips. Fifty-three percent also want online sales of ammunition outlawed.

Pew also reported this:

By a two-to-one margin (64%-32%), most favor putting armed security guards and police in more schools. But when it comes to more teachers and school officials having guns, most are opposed (40% favor vs. 57% oppose). The latter option is particularly divisive across party lines: 56% of Republicans would like to see more teachers and school officials armed, compared with just 23% of Democrats.

But on the issue of universal background checks, Republican and Democratic respondents were almost equally supportive as were gunowners and non-gunowners.

Another interesting angle in the Pew survey is that respondents were almost evenly divided as to which political party does a better job of reflecting their views on gun control.  Forty percent gave the nod to the Democrats and 38 percent to the Republicans, while the rest were either undecided or thought the two parties were equal on that score.


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