This guy says flu shots are a fiendish government plot

Radio blabber Michael Savage (above), political guru to folks who find Rush Limbaugh too mainstream, is warning that entreaties from the government that everyone get flu shots are part of an evil scheme.

Jesse Taylor of Wonkette has the story HERE:

Your Wonkette writer had the flu last week. Let us put it this way: if you’re in desperate need of using every blanket in your home, then sweating through your clothes for two straight days, then go lick doorknobs at your closest university. Everybody else, get a flu shot.

Or wait, no, first listen to known radio personality Michael “Savage” Weiner discuss how the flu shot is a secret government conspiracy to give everyone MS and autism and then…um…well, we do not know what the second part of this scheme is, but we’ll all be too sick to care anyway.




  1. Craig Knauss

    Aw, that’s nothing.

    The REAL fiendish government plot is the one that allows hillbillies to marry their first cousins and dumb down the right wing. Insidious!

  2. truth hurts

    Now for once I will agree with pat this guy may be off in some other reality.

    However it must also be pointed out that the flu shot that main stream medical community pushes at nauseum every year (almost to the point of finatical) has one glaring limitation that puts it into a gamble not sure thing.

    This fact is that the shot available is not for what is currently going around but what the medical experts GUESS is going to happen.

    This guess (for example) for this year is decided last year. It has always been this way.

    Now the practical problem (and a fact sweeped under the rug as it were) is what you are exposed to may not be the (I believe but may be off a little) three they were predicting to happen.

    Or even worse may have mutated from the origional strain they are trying to protect from.

    I point this out not to say the flu shot is not effective, or that the government is out to get us.

    But dispite all the ads, PSA’s, and at times mandatory requirement (example hospital workers) that the reality is you are hoping the drug companies guessed right and nature will cooperate for the shot to be effective.

    In short the flu shot is a crap shoot at best.

    I am just curious (and unable to find conclusive proof) if this years shot was correct for the flu that is sicking (and killing) so many this year?

  3. Glen Enloe

    It is interesting that the government & liberals continue to push flu shots like a dealer in a dark alley. Even supposedly “fair” news reports always end “and be sure to get your flu shot.” Sorry, but I am wary. I’ve never had a flu shot & have only had the flu 2 or 3 times in the course of 65 years. I have noted that many of my media brainwashed friends make it their duty to get the shots & come down with the flu year after year. And who really knows what are in them? Mercury, monkey DNA… you take your chances. I’ve also noticed that when you voice an opposing view on flu shots, it gets many negative replies from true believers. Sorry, but when a government can hardly wait to give you something, you should be suspicious.

  4. Luke Fredrickson

    Glen, monkey DNA explains why so many Applesauce commenters seem to have chapped asses. I knew the gubmint was behind it somehow. Thanks for your insight.

  5. Glen Enloe

    I is jest a poor ole country boy what fears you elite. Thanks fer settin’ me right. You all can git back our your fancy jet now. I’ll got git my flu shot & turn my guns in now. You shore knows best.

  6. Glen: If you don’t want to get a flu shot, that’s your business.

    But what you really need is psychiatric treatment for your paranoid notion that anybody is trying to take away all your guns.

  7. Glen Enloe

    I love these blogs. They’re always dominated by know-it-all socialist libs who won’t reply in a measured manner & immediately resort to attacking the intellect & character of anyone who disagrees with their nose-in-the-air notions. Is it any wonder they get so little interaction with common sense citizens.

  8. Glen Enloe says this blog gets “little interaction with common sense citizens.”

    The fact that most of the commenters on this blog are Enloe’s fellow right-wingers seems to confirm his judgement, doesn’t it?

  9. shawnnews

    I’m totally alone on this one. I get the idea of mandatory health insurance and mandatory drivers insurance. Mandatory medical procedures are different. That really is the government telling you what you have to do with your body. A mandatory vaccination sounds great because of the intended effect of protection from disease. However I’ve heard some people react poorly to vaccines. I also think it starts to open the door for the government to tell you what surgeries you must have or what drugs you must take. Being forced to take a drug is a scary idea. Dissenters at Jonestown for put on Thorazine. The libs hate mandatory circumcisions and mandatory ultrasounds. What’s the difference?

  10. Glen Enloe

    I always have to laugh when our ruling elite boast of being “reasonable” & having “common sense.” As usual, they are anything but. For now they are content to try to shame & propagandize us into taking flu shots, but you can rest assured they will try to force it on us with mandatory measures when a future “crisis” comes along that they won’t let go to waste. It’s the way our current nanny state works.

  11. Glen Enloe: Enough already with the crap about flu shots! Nobody cares whether you get one or not.

    And your stuff about “our ruling elite” is paranoid poppycock.

  12. shawn,

    in the world of socialized medicine, (and yes, that will be our world soon) decisions about flu shots and screening procedures are made based on what is best for the “herd” not for the individual.

    Get used to it.

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