It’s OK for the right to play the Hitler card, but no one else should dare do it

This video shows hypocrites on the political right taking umbrage when Nazi-baiting comes from anyone who’s not on their side.



All of this brings to mind a recent post of mine (HERE) in which I refuted popular myths regarding Adolf Hitler and gun control.



  1. Big Dave

    Wow, this is funny since the commentary here is about the NRA and Conservatives being called Nazis by the left and commenting on it.

    But leave it to the press to try to make something more out of it!

  2. Big Dave: If you watch the video two or three more times, you might begin to understand the drift of it.

    The first one-third or more of the video is about pinheaded right-wingers calling Obama and other gun-control advocates latter-day Hitlers or Nazis. Then, the gang at Fox News waxes indignant over something Bob Schiefer said (which was not actually analagous).

    I’m getting tired of explaining things to you, Dave. Pretty soon I’m just going to give up.

  3. Big Dave

    Pat I watched the video or do I need a few beers in me and then watch it?

    Actually Pat what they are doing is telling you how Hitler did things and not calling him Hitler but then you already know that or should.

    “I’m getting tired of explaining things to you, Dave. Pretty soon I’m just going to give up.”

    Well you know Pat I keep hoping that someday you might decide to join the real world and leave the fantasy world you live in. But unfortunately for all of us I think you’re too old for any help.

  4. Big Dave: They are NOT telling us how Hitler did things. Obama’s gun control proposals have no parallel with what Hitler did. Nor does the right-wing version of what Hitler did regarding guns comport with history, as I’ve explained here on several occasions.

    Click on the link marked “HERE” just below the video above.

  5. shawnnews

    The ease with which these guys use Hitler and Stalin to compare Obama to is just revolting. Comparing the first black president to the world’s biggest racist is designed to portray Obama as the bigot — not them. Using the Stalin references are probably a way of further enforcing some sort of authoritarian red scare idea.
    All the while these guys portray themselves as the Christian patriots. Comparing the president to the two notorious mass murderers isn’t Christian or patriotic. These are just people without any decency.

  6. Big Dave

    Well Pat then please tell us all why “gun control” in Chicago has never worked? Or in Washington D.C.? Or any other place!

    And your little out of context clips mean nothing! But I’ll give you a nice try but nothing else.

  7. Craig Knauss


    Please tell us why Chicago ranks 15th in homicides, well behind a bunch of non gun-control cities. Please tell us why NYC ranks 44th behind a bunch of non gun-control cities, which includes Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio (in gun-crazy Texas). And tell us how the homicide rate went from 970 murders per year (1974) down to about 300, after gun control was put into effect. This is all documented. Your BS isn’t.

  8. Big Dave

    I guess I must take your word on this or did you stubble across an a liberal news story that told you this. But to the point what kind of homicide was it, with a gun but then you show no proof and did Chicago change how they reported things?

    I guess nobody will know but it was a nice try Craig!

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