Snowy winters in Northern Hemisphere increasingly rare

If there’s snow on the ground where you live, enjoy it — while it lasts.

Mark Vanhoenacker EXPLAINS:

The United States Global Change Research Program’s recently released draft NationalClimate Assessment reports that “Overall snow cover has decreased in the Northern Hemisphere, due in part to higher temperatures that shorten the time snow spends on the ground.” The report also notes a decline in the frequency of very snowy winters and in snow accumulations in the American West, and said we can expect more rainstorms “in previously snow-dominated settings.” A  recent studyby the Natural Resources Defense Council warns that without action on climate change, the snow season in the Northeast will be halved by 2100.


Whatever your feelings for snow, its evanescence will cost you. Frank Lowenstein, a climate specialist with the Nature Conservancy, told me: “the snowpack out West is how we store water for the summer for half the country. And it’s disappearing.” That means less summer water for cities, agriculture and recreation. It means more wildfires. Changing ecosystems will also affect wildlife, while less snowy landscapes absorb still more heat from the sun. The National Climate Assessment expects heat-related deaths to increase more than winter-weather-related fatalities will decline.



  1. We had some great xc skiing in the late 70’s and 80’s. Glad I was around to enjoy it.

  2. Big Dave


    Seems like there is plenty of snow out there!

  3. I miss the snow. One of the reasons why I love living in the Midwest is the change of seasons. Its no fun if there is no more winter and we go straight from Fall to Spring again. Will a White Christmas become a thing of the past?

  4. Big Dave says there is plenty of snow out there, which he seems to think is a refutation of all this stuff about climate change and a decline in the frequency of snowy winters.

    You see, Dave doesn’t want to believe in anthropogenic climate change. So he’s going to reject any evidence that challenges his prejudice in this regard. Such is the way the minds of wingnuts work.

  5. Big Dave

    Again Pat has to get a little dig in!

    So Pat says again: “You see, Dave doesn’t want to believe in anthropogenic climate change. So he’s going to reject any evidence that challenges his prejudice in this regard. Such is the way the minds of wingnuts work.”

    No, all I did was post the snow levels around the US and Pat comes back with another “name calling spree”. Wow, and you’d think as a “so called” journalist Pat would allow someone else to have “FREE SPEECH”.

    Maybe Pat misses taken days off because of the snow? No, I doubt that. Hahahahaha

  6. Poor Dave. He thinks “free speech” means the right to say whatever you want without getting blowback from anyone with an opposing point of view.

    It doesn’t work that way, Dave.

  7. Big Dave

    Again Pat huffs and Puffs but says nothing!

    So let’s look at what I said again Pat so you can understand. Steverino posted that it was great XC skiing in the 70’s and 80’s all I did was post a map from the US Weather Service which shows there is plenty of snow out there.

    So How does Pat handle this well he totally misconstrues what I posted so he could try a slam on me. But Pat it didn’t work, maybe you should try a different tack.

    Maybe something like having a debate but I know you will never do that. I guess all you want to do is cite the work from East Anglia University: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/georgemonbiot/2010/feb/02/climate-change-hacked-emails

    Keep up the GREAT WORK Pat! Hahahahahaha

  8. It’s certainly a winter wonderland today!

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