Have you heard that Reagan’s beloved childhood home will be bulldozed to create a shrine to Obama?

The conservative media are making a big fuss this week over reports that Ronald Reagan’s childhood home is doomed to the wrecking ball to make room for a parking lot for Barack Obama’s presidential library.

Oh, the disgrace of it all! Is nothing sacred to the worshipers of this Kenyan-born usurper?

But wait! It seems there are several problems with this story. For one thing, there are no firm plans for an Obama library. For another thing, the Chicago apartment building at issue (above) is hardly a hallowed way-station along the trail of Ronald Reagan’s journey through his short-pants years. He lived there for less than a year as a pre-school lad.

Steve Benen has more HERE:

Nearly a decade ago, the University of Chicago purchased an old apartment building so the property could be used as a parking lot for its medical school. The Commission on Chicago Landmarks considered appeals to preserve the building — Reagan lived in an apartment for less than a year when he was four — but concluded that the site “is not associated with Mr. Reagan during his active and productive years.”

So, the building will be torn down and the University of Chicago Medical Center will have more parking. Why is this politically interesting? It’s not. What does it have to do with Obama? Nothing.

But to hear some on the right tell it, Obama taught at the school, and First Lady Michelle Obama was on the university board, so maybe the president’s library will be on campus, and maybe the library will use this new parking lot.

Which would be outrageous. Or something.

Ben Dimiero explained this morning, “While easily dismissed, the story serves as an illustrative example of the way the conservative echo chamber can twist facts and turn baseless speculation into their controversy du jour.”

Something to keep in mind when your angry uncle who watches Fox News sends you an all-caps email about this later.



  1. jjgettys

    your sounding a bit senile Pat. it may be time…

  2. Who would have thought a future actor in B movies lived there.

  3. Craig Knauss

    This sounds like more internet email BS. I didn’t remember anything about Reagan living in Chicago, so I just checked 5 different bios on him, one of which was the official White House version. They all said he was born in Tampico, lived there for about 9 years, moved to Dixon until he graduated from Dixon HS and then went to Eureka College. Not one of the bios said anything about living in Chicago. So, if he ever did live there, it couldn’t have been any significant amount of time, since he apparently never mentioned it to his biographers.

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