Solid evidence that rank-and-file Republicans suffer from Obama Derangement Syndrome

A new Washington Post poll shows that favor among Republican respondents for certain proposals regarding immigration or climate change drops sharply if the ideas are identified with President Obama.

Jamelle Bouie EXPLAINS:

Without Obama’s name, 78 percent of Democrats, 60 percent of Republicans, and 70 percent of independents support a path to citizenship as part of comprehensive immigration. But when you associate that proposal with the president, support drops to 75 percent of Democrats, 61 percent of independents, and just 39 percent of Republicans — a 21 point decline. Likewise, without Obama’s name, 65 percent of Democrats, 32 percent of Republicans, and 51 percent of independents support measures to address climate change. With his name attached, Democratic and independent support increases — to 71 percent and 55 percent, respectively — but Republican support dips even further, to 24 percent.

Details of the poll at issue are HERE.




  1. The Comedian

    I bet it’s only the rank and file republicans that do this too. If you apply Bush’s name to the Patiort Act or Drone usage, I’m sure all the rank and file democrats would still lend support in high numbers.

  2. Luke Fredrickson

    Pat, I’m posting this article to refudiate all of your wingnut commenters who insisted that increasing revenue would not make a dentas far as balancing the budget.


    It turns out that the expiration of the payroll tax break resulted in a $3 billion surplus in January 2013.

    Facts muct really tick you off when you’re a wingnut.

    This also means that the Boehner’s threat to send the U.S. into default is a lot weaker, as the Treasury will likely be able to fund the governemnt through the summer without another extension of the debt limit.

  3. According to a recent Pew Pool, a plurality of Democrats favor Obama’s use of drones.

    Buzzfeed sums it up nicely.


  4. Luke Fredrickson

    I think Democrats are more supportive of Obama’s drone program than they were of Bush’s because they have a lot more faith in the judgment of the “decider” in charge of the program. As we all should.

    Not surprising in the least.

  5. Luke, did anyone explain to you the “payroll tax break” was from Social Security Fund?

    “For 2011 and 2012, employees paid only 4.2% of their wages towards Social Security.”

    I forgot Pat only like liberal news so here it is from NBC!

    So why would anyone make this claim?

    “It turns out that the expiration of the payroll tax break resulted in a $3 billion surplus in January 2013.”

    Nowhere does it say this money was for Social Security Trust Fund. Or is there a Social Security Trust Fund and that money all goes to the General Fund so it can be spent on other items.

  6. The Comedian

    Hey Luke, on my last trip to Venus I picked up some fairy dust and a fossilzed cyclops’ eye. Want to buy them?

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