John Boehner, the poster boy for political cowardice, says President Obama lacks courage


We’ve discussed here on previous occasions the penchant among Republican politicians to employ what psychologists call “projection” — the defense mechanism whereby a person subconsciously denies his own thoughts and emotions and ascribes them to other people.

Republicans do that when they say President Obama won’t try to compromise with them. These are the guys who refuse to play ball with the president even when he pushes proposals their party has previously endorsed. And they say he’s uncooperative?

House Speaker John Boehner has come up with another variation on the projection theme. He says Obama lacks “the guts” to do anything that might not sit well with his party’s liberal base.

Of course, that’s just silly. I don’t know of a single liberal who hasn’t been disappointed with Obama on one score or another — and, in some cases, exceedingly so. The president’s drones policy is just one example. His reluctance at first to endorse gay marriage is another. His lack of strong action on climate change is another. His failure to close Gitmo is another. His appointment of Wall Street types is another. Need I go on?

But HERE‘s the ultimate hypocrisy in this matter, as Steve Benen explains:

For two years, John Boehner has struggled as arguably the weakest House Speaker in modern times. He’s afraid to challenge members of his far-right caucus, afraid to strike deals conservative activists won’t like, and afraid of compromises that his party wouldn’t tolerate…

Speakers who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Boehner is infinitely more reluctant to break with his party’s orthodoxy than Obama is, and I don’t think anyone in American politics has ever considered the Speaker for a Profile in Courage Award.


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  1. THIS is why I have said that ALL these *clowns* belong on the clown-laden Train:
    ” The Hypocritical” !
    Lie, cheat, deflect, deny, obstruct, whine, cry, take no responsibility for their OWN failures. is about ALL they know how to do! Stick-their head in the sand/ fingers in their ears.
    “GOP” Where-as the “O” stands for well, yes, “OLD” but also “Obsolete”,Outdated”, “obstruct”. “Obstinent” !
    They are like ” the mirror has two faces”. On the one side, they try to *portray* themselves as if THEY are the *moderates* and are NOT to blame for the ills of W-D.C. congress and the states where they hold a majority. BUT in reality? JUST the opposite!

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