Poor Marco Rubio has a drinking problem

Nothing that Sen. Marco Rubio said last night in his official Republican response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address will be remembered nearly as long as his awkward reach for a water bottle in the middle of his speech.

Politico has the story HERE.



  1. Typical liberal diversionary tactics. They do this all the time. Rather than focus on real issues, and meaningful rebuttal to Republican talking points, they focus of memes. Be it a drinking problem, or binders full of women, its all the same. And then they wonder why Republicans distrust the lame street media.

  2. Luke Fredrickson

    Lame street? Are you starting your own meme, Nef? How ironic.

  3. I agree Nef, I’d rather talk the issues and the fact check on Obamas speech, not this TMZ fluff.

  4. I’d rather have drinking problem than a spending problem.

  5. Luke Fredrickson

    Spending? January was the first month in the black in five years! Spending didn’t go down, revenue went up as the payroll tax cut expired.

    Let’s hope spending stays strong enough to avoid another recession.

    BTW, Krugman also believes Rubio’s water bottle moment is a squirrel… he says we should have been paying attention to Marco’s blatant lie that “our recent downturn was a housing crisis created by reckless government policies.”


  6. Pat, you and your party are RACISTS.

  7. danimal: Spare me any explanation of that stupid remark. I’m never really sure when you wingnuts are just kidding — and sometimes I don’t want to know.

  8. You are cleary attacking him because based on his race.

  9. danimal: You are clearly a moron, as your logic (?) and your grammar indicate.

    Your phrase “because based on his race” is a real beauty.

  10. I think Pat would feel better if Rubio was an “Old Whit Guy”. Can’t have any Republicans as minorities can you? Sorry for the grammar you smug self righteous idiot.

  11. danimal: You seem to be terribly confused. Let me try to explain so that even you can understand:

    It’s the Democrats, not the Republicans, who carried 70 percent of the Hispanic vote this past November.

    It’s the Democrats, not the Republicans, who have the lion’s share of Hispanics in Congress.

    It’s the Democrats, not the Republicans, who have pushed for immigration reform.

    And, it’s the Republicans, not the Democrats, who are mainly the party of neo-confederate white Southerners.

    Now, why don’t you do yourself a favor and take a remedial course in spelling, punctuation and grammar.

  12. Pardon me Professor Cunningham!
    Clearly you HATE the fact that there are Allen Wests, Marco Rubios, and Susana Martinezs out there in the world of the GOP.

  13. You are also showing demographic bigotry to Southerners.

  14. Obviously Marco is not quite ready for prime time. He just repeated all the teabag talking points that caused the Romney/Ryan team to fail.

  15. Steverino – If you are going to throw an insult, at least try to pretend to be smart enough to know what you’re talking about. Rubio is the establishment Republican. Rand Paul spoke for the Tea Party, and his video is worth viewing.


    So what are the “Marco teabag talking points” that you disagree with? I’ll wager you have no idea, cause all you ever do is parrot the liberal rhetoric. In over a year of reading your comments I’ve yet yo see you come up with an original thought of your own.

  16. I’m glad to see the left is so nice to their opposition. If this was done on Fox News they would be screaming how the racists on the right need to be removed from the airways.

    And just what did Rubio do, why drink some water!

    I wonder why Pat never posted any of the misrepresentation from our President last night?

    Or why Pat has not posted the Poll Results on Obama only getting a passing grade (agreeing with) on only 1 of 9 items on a Gallop Poll?

    The liberal media is so funny at times but unfortunately they are never around to tell us the truth on the important items. Now that is SAD!

  17. Nef – Please…..Rubio is just another dimbulb not far from Palin. And oh yes let’s all listen to crazy Paul.

  18. Neftali,

    You were correct Steverino has NO idea! But he does have more name calling!

  19. The Comedian

    Man, this is hilarious. Imagine a human being drinking water! How laughable! Hey, remember that guy that swatted a fly during an interview? Hilarious. What ever happened to that oaf?

  20. Luke Fredrickson

    The drinking of water is not what people are mocking. What was hilarious was the awkward way he kept his eyes on the camera, then sheepishly took a swig like he was a teenager stealing Grandpa’s manhattan. The flop sweat didn’t help either.

    If he had simply said “Pardon me”, looked down and drank, and then continued speaking, no one would have found anything remarkable.

    Of broader interest is why the GOP can’t find national leaders who are smooth and charismatic in front of a camera (OK… I guess Romney was smooth, especially at the debates, but far from charismatic).

    Jindal and Rubio were supposed to be the best hopes for this, and both underwhelmed. Today I can’t think of one GOP leader who people tend to like even if they disagree with him/her… maybe Scott Brown or Jeb Bush?

  21. The Comedian

    Yea, it’s definitely sad that the most important thing is finding people who are smooth on camera. Who gives a rip what they do and what they’re about. Give me some good speeches and some classy attire! I’m sucking it right up! We the mass need words pleasing to the ear, faces and clothes pleasing to the eye. That way when they’re screwing us it’ll still sound and look good.

  22. Luke Fredrickson

    People vote for charismatic leaders, whether that pleases you or not. Such is politics. If you are a Republican partisan looking to capture the WH in 2016, likability (or lack of it) among potential candidates should matter to you.

    I certainly never said it is “the most important thing” though.

  23. The most succesful con artists are always the smoothest, most charismatic and most likeable….right up until the point you find out you have been screwed.

  24. The Comedian

    If you’re going to say “People vote for charismatic leaders,” and then say “if you want to capture the white house likability should matter,” than it goes to reason that likability IS the most important thing. If it wasn’t the most important thing than no one would really worry about whether or not someone was a real smooth operator. They’d concern themselves with things like the person’s character, voting record, beliefs. You know, substantive things. Also, I wanted to thank you for pointing out that people vote for charismatic people whether that pleases me or not. I had never thought of that before; such a strange thought that people may do things whether I like it or not. Novel. Thanks.

  25. Luke Fredrickson

    expdoc says:
    February 14, 2013 at 3:23 pm
    The most succesful con artists are always the smoothest, most charismatic and most likeable….right up until the point you find out you have been screwed


    I agree, we should never elect another B-movie actor turned union kingpin to be Commander in Chief.

  26. Luke Fredrickson

    Here is a quick read that fleshes out the role of likability in presidential elections:


  27. Yup, smooth is all some here look for but I wonder if making all sorts of misleading statements makes them feel good as well?

    Then Luke tries to disagree with expdoc but fails as usual. Luke, Reagan didn’t spend trillions to create a few jobs like BOB has.

    48% thought BOB is Trustworthy in 2012 now that’s a laugh. I keep wondering why the number wasn’t higher?

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