Here’s the single dumbest thing Marco Rubio said in his State of the Union response

His so-called Watergate boo-boo has tended to obscure the many foolish things Sen. Marco Rubio said the other night in his official Republican response to President Obama’s State of the Union address.

Jonathan Chait highlights one such bit of nonsense HERE:

If there’s a single line that encapsulates the mindless anti-government doggerel that characterized Marco Rubio’s responseto the State of the Union address it was his flip dismissal of any government response to climate change, because “our government can’t control the weather.”

What does this mean? Let us run through the chain of causality at a level of simplicity that Rubio is capable of grasping:

1. The government has a bunch of rules that control how much coal, oil, and whatnot gets burned.

2. The more greenhouse gasses we burn, the warmer the climate gets. It’s science.

3. The warmer the climate gets, the more frequently we have extreme weather events. This is also science.

Therefore, things the government does, in step 1, eventually produce an outcome of more or fewer extreme weather events, in step 3.


So what’s going on here is that Rubio wants to uphold the Republican position without coming across to non-Republicans as a total yahoo. So he is not directly questioning the carbon-climate link, but instead moving his skepticism to the climate-weather link. Saying “government can’t control the weather” sounds plausible enough — a way to take a position that doesn’t sound completely insane to audiences but is, in fact, completely insane. In this way, it is the quintessential Marco Rubio utterance.



  1. Pat seems MSN was not to good to BOB on his State of the Union Address:


    Seems MSN thinks he stretched the truth a little!

  2. Apparently there is no prerequisite to study science if you attend college on government loans.

  3. I agree Steve but then why did the 99%’ers get so mad about college loans and demand they should get the loans taken away so they did have to pay them?

    But BOB said he is going to help, so where is he? I also understand you must learn what they teach in college even if wrong or you don’t pass and you’re complaining about this. And who controls all of this at colleges, why liberals!

  4. Big Dave are you citing msnbc? Since when did you start reading the lamestream media? I thought those commies were in the bag for obama? I’m so confused.

  5. Joe,

    The msnbc link is for Pat because anything from Fox will set him off. Besides I love it when a liberal has to disagree with a liberal source!

  6. Bid Dave: So you’ve decided to slink away from your falsehoods regarding the Hagel filibuster, eh?


  7. No Pat,

    Look in a mirror and there is your coward! Just answered that for you so go read it, please!

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